More about USB Type-C

Type-C is the latest version of USB connector and in 2014 it was introduced officially and most probably it is going to appear in all the devices in the future. MacBook of the Apple was the first device to support this connector, whereas now all the kinds of Windows PCs, monitors, smartphones, storage peripherals, docking stations and many more. Also the USB Type-C is reversible as Apple’s Lightning connector.

exoxatptt8qckfc0rgkxUSB Type-C will also supports several alternate modes and it has the ability to with stand power of up to 100 watts over the line and it can drive up to two 4K displays at the refresh rate of 60Hz. More appreciating thing is simultaneously it can transfer data, power will be delivered through a single connector, also video and data over a single line. The problem arises here is all the USB Type-C connectors will not support all different capabilities.

Thunderbolt 3.0 technology is developed by Intel and the interface is very different from USB 3.1, but it uses the same USB Type-C connectors. For the device maker’s implementation of USB Type-C standard is less expensive and active full bandwidth cables are cheaper than Thunderbolt versions. This technology of USB Type-C can be implemented to those devices that don’t support USB 3.

The real problem arises here is, there is no simple means of demarcation or labeling for different USB Type-C varieties. The other problem is regarding the launch of USB Type-C and it is the first iteration called as “virtualization” of the port. Previously every port had its own connector and its own type of signal was carried out. But the USB is carrying Ethernet handling networking, data to peripherals, video connectors such as DisplayPort and HDMI carried video, etc. Now the introduction of USB Type-C has broken the 1:1 correlation between functions and ports.

One cable can be plugged in to the device and can access to every single port and you can also provide power back to the device. New types of peripherals can also be started such as single cable monitors who are acting as hubs to other devices and also power and video can be received from the host device. Also connection of USB storage, speakers and second daisy-chained monitor can be enabled. In a great era of connectivity the proliferation of USB Type-C marks the dawn for your devices.

Use This Application for Recovering Formatted drive in Few Simple Steps

desktop_hard_drive3The data storage drives that are available to save different data vary in numerous aspects. External hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, SD cards, Fire Wire drives, CF cards, xD cards, MMC cards, etc., are widely used in different data storage gadgets to store valuable files and folders. “Have you mistakenly formatted your drive that has many precious files and folders instead of formatting other drive/volume? After this, have you realized missing of those data that are very essential to you? If yes, then don’t worry you can return all your lost files by utilizing Recover Formatted utility in your PC”.

Recover Formatted is the brilliant application used to restore lost or deleted data from formatted drive. It has powerful scanning method to get back your files on several versions of both Macintosh and Windows operating system including Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 2003/2008, Snow Leopard, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mavericks, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, etc. Recovered data can be analyzed by utilizing “Preview” option before restoring them on CD/DVD. Recover Formatted tool enables you can generate a “Disk Image” copy in order to skip the bad sectors in the hard drive.

Reasons that leads to perform format option:

Accidental Format: Consider, if your laptop’s hard drive is infected with harmful virus and becomes inaccessible thus to overcome from malware threats you will opt for format option while choosing the infected drive you may unintentionally selected healthy drive/partition. This leads to loss of files stored in disk.

Reinstallation of OS: If you prefer to reinstall the operating system of your system from older edition to newer version of OS then in hurry you might overlook to take the backup of important data files and folders. This results in severe data loss because of formatting on reinstallation process.

File System Corruption: Suppose, if file system of the hard drive or any drive gets corrupted/damaged then face error messages like “Disk not formatted. Do you need to Format it now?” As you click on format option by seeing this message without taking the backup of files and folders residing in the drive.

Due to Bad Sector: Bad sector of the hard drive or any other storage gadgets the file system gets damage/corrupted. Hence, in order to access data from the drive you need to opt for format option.

Mandatory tips to be remember:

  • Recommended have the backup of crucial files and folders prior using format option.
  • Prior reinstallation of OS take a proper backup of data.
  • Use latest and reliable anti-virus utility to scan for malware on your computer.
  • Always advised not to save any new data into the same drive from where you loss files.

How to use Recover Formatted software?

Step 1: Install the software on your PC and run it. Next, Select “Recover Drives” option from the launching window and then choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option on next screen as shown in the below image.externaldiskrecovery-recover-drives-main-screen

Step 2: In the next step, you have to select the formatted drive from the list of drives and click on “Next” arrow button.internalharddriverecovery-select-logical-drives

Step 3: After successful completion of recovery process, you can see retrieved files in the form of “File Type View” or “Data View”.internalharddriverecovery-file-type

Major specification of this recovery application:      

  • Save or resume the recovering process using “Save Recovery Session” option.
  • This is the effective utility for recovering formatted drives from RAID1, RAID5, and RAID0 partitions.
  • Recovers deleted/erased files from hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SCSI, SATA, etc.
  • Compress the regained data files to decrease disk space.


How to Recover Deleted Files Mac in a Few Simple Steps?

external-usb-dvd-rw-rw-super-drive-for-appleMac is an operating system designed and released by Apple Inc., in the year 1984. This OS has built-in technology and attractive GUI. Mac OS consists of variety of file system such as HFS, HFS+ and HFSX volumes are useful for organizing and saving files within the hard disk of the Mac machines. Hard drive has different brands including Hitachi, Seagate, Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba, G-Technology, Buffalo, Western Digital, and many more. Mac users can save huge number of files such as music libraries, movies files, games, Excel sheets, animations, PowerPoint files, pictures, system files, video files, executable files, text files, etc.

Along with above functions of Mac operating system; sometimes, Macintosh users knowingly or unknowingly deletes very crucial files that are existing in Mac systems. In such circumstances, users bother to recover deleted files Mac hard drive. Don’t be worry, just make use of Mac Recover Deleted Files software to get back all deleted or missing files from Macintosh computers. With the assist of Mac Recover Deleted Files utility you can view the list of recovered files by using “Preview” option prior restoring them on desired location. This recovery application has a unique search signature function that allows in undeleting any type of file on the basis of its signature. It has powerful built-in scanning algorithms that can provides in finding and recovering deleted or missing files from various types hard drive interface like SATA, PATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.

Causes behind the deletion of files from Mac:

  1. Assume, if you format a Mac volume knowingly or unknowingly then this will erases all the files from it. Deletion of data file occurs if you won’t take proper backup of crucial files then you may face huge data loss.
  2. Now and then, if you like to make your hard drive free from useless files which are occupied huge memory space on Mac computer/ laptop hard drive then while selecting the unwanted files you may unintentionally selected other files. This results to data loss.
  3. Many of the Mac machine users unaware of progressive options in the Mac setting panel because of this they might end up with missing essential files by clicking on uninstall or some other unknown options.
  4. In certain illustrations anti-virus scanning may be the issue behind the deletion of file. Anti-virus utility can identify any infected files and it will delete the necessary files along with virus infected files. Hence, if it finds virus affected files it erases that file permanently without any prior notification from your Mac system.
  5. Sometimes, you may select ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ options for moving the files from your Mac hard drive to other data storage media. Consider, if transfer process is interrupted by sudden shut down or removal external storage devices then the files may get deleted.

Key points:

  • Strongly recommended to take a backup of important files.
  • Install and use reliable antivirus tool to keep system free from threats.
  • Prior emptying the Trash folder ensure that no precious files exist in it.

Major functions of Mac Recover Deleted Files tool:

This recovery utility supports to recover various files types from several storage devices like USB hard drives, flash memory cards, Fire Wire drives, pen drives, iPods, smartphones, cameras, camcorders and so on. You can opt to save or pause “Recovery Session” to avoid repeated scanning on Mac hard drives.

With the help “File Type View” option or “Data View” option you can view recovered files on the basis of file format and hierarchical format respectively. Recover deleted files Mac drives like MP3, PSD, PPT, BMP, AVI, TIF, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, JPEG, GIF, DOC, etc.


Useful Things that Siri can Do for You

Siri is the digital personal assistant feature which is available on Apple iOS devices such iPad and iPhone which is very useful to the iOS user to do more tasks like take notes, create reminders, set alarms, changes to system settings. These tasks can be done by activating Siri with the help of holding down the iOS device home button until it beeps and the interface of Siri will appear but in the latest version iOS 9 we can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” easily. In this article, you can understand various useful things you can do with Siri and you might be excited at how clever and useful it is.

Useful things that siri can do for you

Searching for Things:- User can use Siri for searching specific data from websites because Siri effectively uses the variety of web services for getting information and listing relevant results within short time duration.

Create Reminders: It is difficult to remember all the future events by heart. But Siri really do this work by setting reminders. In order to setting reminders you have to say “remind me to” after that Siri will add your future event instantly. When you reach that specified time you will reminded by Siri.

Set Alarms: You can set alarm by saying particular time as “Hey Siri, wake up me at 5 am” When device timer reach that time you will alert by making some alarm sound.

Call People: It is one of the main features of Siri because you can call people without searching contacts or call history. You need to tell who to call with Siri and it will automatically call the specific person.

Find out What Time It Is: By make use of Siri, you can get exact time of any country by asking “Siri what time it is in USA” and it will shows the exact time.

Launch Application: You can launch specific application which is installed in iPhone by telling to Siri as “launch YouTube” Siri will launch YouTube without manually touching the YouTube shortcut.

Find and Read Emails: Siri is useful for finding specific email by saying email subject or sender name or date. Therefore you no need to hunt specific email because it may take long time.

Perform Calculation: Instead of using calculator, you can just ask Siri for performing complicated calculations because it will give accurate answer in short time without entering numbers and symbols.

Change Settings: You can change the device setting by saying what you want to do for example you can turn off Wi-Fi by simply saying ‘Hey Siri turn off Wi-Fi” likewise you can change all the settings.

Mapping: Using Siri, you can find specific place and also you can get distance from place 1 to place 2. Using this feature you can also find out specific land marks like Airport, railway station, bus station etc.

Send and Read Text Messages: You can send text messages to anybody who are listed in your contacts by saying their name as “send text message to “name” and Siri will ask what you have to send as text, at that time you have to say the message. Even you can read received text message by saying “read the last text message from name”.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Partition?

Hard drive is segmented in partitions to access the files and desktop_hard_drive3folders faster way. By using these logical partitions you can install one or more operating systems (on different partitions) on your computer/laptop. Logical partitions may contains various file systems like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS5, and EXFAT partitions which are used in various different partitions, file systems are responsible to manage how data is to be store and access from partition. You may come across the situation where you format some partition because of partition error occurs while making new partition. This leads to erase of vital data from formatted partition.

“Have you lost your valuable data from hard drive partition? Are you worried about how to recover data from formatted partition? If yes, then with the help of My Partition Recovery software you can effectively get back lost data from hard drive. ”

My Partition Recovery utility consists of powerful built-in scanning techniques which assist in easy and successful recovery of data from formatted hard drive partition. With the assistance of this data recovery tool you can view the list of recovered files by utilizing “Preview” option. It supports on different versions of OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7, 10 and Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, etc. This recovery application comes in handy when you want to restore data from Windows and Mac volumes that are accidentally formatted, re-formatted or partitioned. You can keep in touch with technical support team in case if you get any problems while recovering missing or deleted data from formatted partition.

User opt to format hard drive partition on different circumstances as follows below:

  1. If the file system of your hard drive gets damaged then user may face with error messages like “Disk not formatted. Do you need to Format it now?” As soon as user see format message like this user in hurry press format option without having backup of favorite data then there is a possibility of data loss from formatted partition.
  2. At times, you may decide to format one of the drive from your computer or laptop hard drive. During formatting process, you might mistakenly select ‘D’ drive partition instead of choosing ‘E’ drive partition. This results in entire data stored in “F’ drive will get lost or erased and you may face severe data loss.
  3. If the hard disk partition is severely infected by malicious threats, then whole functionality of drive will get damaged or corrupted. Thus user who is frustrated might opt for formatting the drive to overcome from virus infection. Hence, without having proper backup if user format the hard drive then it leads to erase of data from hard disk.
  4. If you want to modify the current size of the existing partitions on the hard drive, repartitioning of hard drive is done. If you come across some error messages while repartitioning hard drive then it results in deletion of partition.

These are some of the common factors for user to format the hard drive partition. Hence, if user lost crucial data from hard drive due to format, then make use of My Partition Recovery application to regain entire data from formatted partition.

Unique functions of My Partition Recovery:

  1. Save/pause recovery session.
  2. Take a “Disk Image” copy.
  3. Compress the retrieved data.
  4. Recovers different kinds of files and file types.
  5. Supports various brands of HDD.
  6. Allows to recover hard drive interface like SCSI, IDE, SATA, etc.


Know How to Perform Windows 10 File Recovery

The newest version of MS Windows operating system is Windows 10. There are many other versions available such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. Windows 10 is incorporated with hologram technology and it has the best interface. It has “universal” application architecture and it is expanded on Metro-style apps, these apps are designed to run many Microsoft products such as PCs, smartphones, Surface Hub, Xbox One, tablets, etc. Apart from these features of Windows 10, there are chances of deletion/loss of files similar to other operating systems. If the important files are unintentionally lost/ deleted due to any reasons, then there is no manual way to recover those files.

The only way to recover lost/deleted files from Windows 10 is by using reliable third party recovery software. The effective third party tool for Windows 10 file recovery is File Recovery software. This software has user friendly interface and technically skilled person is not required to execute this software.

Scenarios Responsible for Loss of Files from Windows 10:

  • Accidental Deletion: In a system there will be many unwanted files and every one will prefer to delete unwanted files to have free space in hard drive. Unfortunately, at the time of deleting unwanted files you may delete wanted/important files accidentally and leads to loss of important files.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the physically and permanently damaged sectors on hard drive. If bad sectors occur on a hard drive then it will become inaccessible and also not writeable. Inaccessible sectors causes loss of files.
  • Unreliable Third Party Tool: Third party tools are used to do different tasks such as editing, modifying, changing file type, etc. Unfortunately some of the third party tools are unreliable using which may lead to deletion/loss of files from system hard drive.
  • Abrupt Shut down while Transferring: The files are been transferred from system to many external devices as on requirement. In some cases while transferring files from system to other device using cut and paste keys, if the system gets abruptly shut down due to any problems then there are chances of loss of files.
  • Other Scenarios: Despite of the above cited reasons there are many causes of deletion/loss of files from computer hard drive such as due to virus infection, bypass from Recycle Bin, corruption of file system, severe header corruption, etc.

To overcome all the issues regarding data loss due to above mentioned reasons, you need to make use of File Recovery software.

Features of File Recovery software:

  • This recovering software is available for both MS Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.) and Mac OS X (Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite).
  • It can recover files from different hard drives (SCSI, IDE, SATA, etc), flash memory cards (SD, XD and MMC), USB external hard drive, etc.
  • File Recovery software enables you to sort the recovered data based on name, size, date and file type.
  • This software recovers files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions (Windows) and HFS+, HFSX, FAT32 and FAT16 partitions (Mac).
  • In demo version of this software you can freely download, install and execute. If you are satisfied with the results then you can save recovered files by purchasing full version of this software.

Simple Way to Repair MS Outlook PST File


Microsoft Outlook is among the most popular and trusted method to contact colleagues and friends. Due to its simple to operate features, it’s trusted by a lot of individuals and corporate world. It’s observed that when number of mails fills in inbox of Outlook, users want to delete unwanted mails from it. When mails from inbox gets deleted they get moved to the deleted items folder. Mails from deleted items folder may be restored by restoring option. But accidentally selecting and deleting some important mail from deleted item folder can delete mail from Outlook and in such case user may be wondering as how you can recover deleted emails from outlook.

Outlook uses PST file to save its data, PST represents Personal Storage Table the centralized storage file that helps Outlook to save its attributes like mails, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc. PST file saved on hard disk of computer or in certain cases they may be stored on server and can be accessed from there. Often there is the risk of PST file to get damaged and precious information as a result may be inaccessible. When PST file gets damaged or corrupt Outlook arises an error as? Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0X80040116? When user attempts to access it. Once PST file gets corrupted, you are able to restore outlook PST and get Outlook in working condition. Repair Outlook PST is one of the advanced and effective tool which enable you to fix PST related issue like exceeding the file size, deletion of important emails, etc. To know more about fix Outlook PST file which size exceed 2 GB limit, then follow this link.

There are many reasons for PST file to get corrupted; some of the most common reasons are discussed below:

Corruption of PST as a result of exceeding in file size: – Regular usage of MS Outlook gradually increases the size of PST file. PST file has file size limit and when it grows or crosses to limit it may well get corrupted.

Corruption as a result of improper termination: – Improper termination or termination Outlook when it’s sending mails can lead to corruption of it.

Accessing PST file when accessed over network: – While accessing Outlook within the network, sudden breakage or failure of network component when outlook performing any information related tasks may damage PST file.
When Outlook gets corrupted it is advised to use default inbox repair tool named Scanpst.exe, which can help users to restore corrupted Outlook PST file. Scanpst.exe is provided by Microsoft which can restore and fix minor corruptions in the PST file. But there are lots of limitations of Scanpst.exe some of them are – it wouldn’t recover deleted mails from Outlook PST and anything that this does not understand on PST file header it gets skipped or deleted.

On account of these limitations of Scanpst.exe, experts recommend to select a third part tools which can restore corrupted PST file when it’s severely corrupted. There are lots of companies which offer repairing tools for corrupted PST file, but Repair Outlook PST most advanced and reliable tool which can restore Outlook under any corruptions. Repair Outlook PST utility has got the capability and power to recover emails in the event of PST header damage, retrieves emails from broken PST files, repairs password protected PST files, retrieve contacts from corrupt PST file, etc. The demo version of Repair Outlook PST software is distributed for free, you can download the demo version and check the performance of this advanced utility.

Know How to Convert OST File to PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the one of the best personal information manager or also called as personal information management from Microsoft Corporation. It is offend used as an email tool by most of the, individual users, organizations, business people etc. Microsoft Outlook enables the end users to take the advantage of various features of this tool in either standalone pack or in Microsoft Suite. MS Outlook application consists of various Outlook attributes like inbound / outbound email messages, stored contact information, calendar events, web browsing, RSS feeds, scheduled appointments, journals, assigned tasks and so on. Still, all your work data of Outlook can be saved into default file format as (.ost). OST means offline storage table.

convert OST to PSTOST file are prone to corrupt / damaged due to multiple reasons. Some of the causes for OST file corruption are mention beneath.

Synchronization errors: This is the one of the main reason for OST file corruption. Take a situation that you are working on your Outlook mails in offline mode. Immediately on connection with an exchange server it automatically synchronizes its data with the server mailbox. During this process, if any kind of interruption is occurred then there are lots of chances for your OST file to get corrupt / damage.

OST file header corruption: Header is the main part of your Outlook.ost file containing all the relative information such as date of creation, date of modification, so on. By chance if this header gets corrupted then there are no way you can access your Microsoft outlook application.

Improper termination of Outlook application: Most of time, in a hurry you may not close the MS Outlook software properly. Sometimes, in background your Outlook data could be synchronizing with the mailbox server, during which if you close the Outlook program improperly then the OST file may get damaged.

How to convert OST file to PST?

With the help of the application like “Convert OST to PST” you can simply convert OST into PST on different versions of MS Outlook like Outlook-2000, Outlok-2003, Outlook-2007 and Outlook-2010 etc. By using this utility, even novice user can easily convert OST to PST effortlessly as this software is a virus free and will never result into any corruption or damage scenarios after converting. It has a high level of accuracy and also it is a read-only, non-destructive utility, which will never alter the original OST file. Rather it removes data from the current OST file and generates a new copy of PST file, so that your original files are not influenced. This application is supported on different versions Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8 so on. And it also supports MS Exchange versions like 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2010 etc.

How to Move Outlook Calendar to Another Computer/Laptop?

Microsoft Outlook application is widely used to send/receive emails and access other Outlook attributes like calendars, contacts, journals, calendar, appointments, etc. Many of the users across the world use Outlook software because of its powerful features & stylish user interface options. All the Outlook attributes are stored in Personal Storage Table (PST) file. Outlook software is designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation with various latest versions of Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010.outlook

Why does user want to move Outlook calendar?

  • If user’s getting started with MS Outlook in a new PC or laptop then many users may bother about how to move Outlook calendar to another computer.
  • Suppose, if you have already configured Outlook and now looking to switch it into new PC/laptop then it is not required to start configuring your Outlook all over, just you need to move Outlook calendars into new computer.
  • Many of us, fail to complete the migration process due to various known/unknown issues.

In such situations, users can make use of Migrate Outlook application to move or migrate Outlook calendar and other Outlook items.

How to migrate/move MS Outlook calendar to new system?

  • First, need to download and install Migrate Outlook utility on your new computer/PC.
  • After successful completion of launching this software click on “Migrate” option among “Backup” and “Restore” option from main screen as shown in the below image.
  • Next, select a backup file by clicking on “Browse” button, which was created by using MS Outlook application and then click on “Next” button.
  • Select the information to move Outlook calendar from Outlook older version to newer from the backup file. Then select the calendar to be migrated and click on “Next”, as shown in the below.
  • Finally, this migration utility starts to migrate Outlook calendar to new system.

Advantages of Migrate Outlook tool:  

  1. Migrate Outlook software allows to move Outlook calendar and other items that are created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2000.
  2. With the assistance of this software you can easily create backup file of MS Outlook items in a very hassle free manner.
  3. This tool can also be used to migrate/move Outlook attributes including emails, personal folders, journals, contacts, signatures, account settings, PST file.
  4. The software consists of very user friendly interface options, in such a way that even non-professional computer users can easily migrate/move Outlook calendars.
  5. This award-winning application helps to migrate MS Outlook calendar and other attributes on different version of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 10.
  6. Migration Outlook software is highly recommended by industry experts and it is widely used by many customers across the world because of its robust performance.
  7. It allows the user to take a complete backup of all MS Outlook attributes and also lets the user to migrate Outlook information or data to new computer.



How to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Drive Partition in Few Simple Steps

Hard drive is a storage device which is manufactured by different companies such as Western Digital, Seagate Technology, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor, Quantum etc. There are several types of hard drives (such as ATA, SATA, SCSI and so on) which gives you some outstanding facilities like large amounts of data storing facilities, reliability, power saver and many more. Apart from internal hard drive, you may also use external hard drive for storing data. You can do many partitions of the hard drive and stores different type of data in different partitions. But sometimes you may suffer data loss problem due to accidental or intentional formatting of hard drive partition.


At that instance may be you get tensed and searched around for a tool to restore files from formatted hard drive partition. Anyway one of the reliable and efficient tools is here which has much capability to recover any type of lost files with few clicks of mouse. You just make a use of Partition Recovery software and get back your data easily. This tool is also available for free downloading. So you can check the efficiency of this tool by free downloading and further after satisfaction, you can purchase full version of this tool from official website.

Few common reasons behind the formatting of hard drive partition:

  • Operating system crashed: When operating system gets corrupted due to any reasons then in reinstalling process of operating system, a message comes related to partition formatting. If mistakenly you click on that option then you may face data loss issue due to formatting of that drive.
  • Accidental format: When you do ‘right click’ from mouse on the partition then many options come such as open, share with, copy, format, scan and so on. If mistakenly you select and click on format option then definitely you may suffer data loss issue due to drive formatting.
  • Bad sectors in the drive: Excess amount of bad sectors in any drive makes that drive inaccessible. Due to this, you can’t use that volume further. After formatting of that drive you only access that drive.

Anyway friends! Whatever may be the reasons behind the formatting of hard drive partition, Partition Recovery software has much capability to retrieve files from formatted hard drive partition.

Key features of Partition Recovery software:

  • Partition Recovery software is developed by experts group which provides you a simple graphical user interface to perform recovery task of formatted hard drive partition.
  • This tool recovers formatted partition from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS or HFSX file systems with great ease.
  • It restores files from any type of formatted hard drive partition such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE and so on.
  • This tool supports both operating system, Windows OS and Mac OS X.
  • You can preview recovered files after completion of recovering task.
  • This tool also has “Save Recovery Session features”, so that there is no need for rescanning of the hard drive for recovery task of formatted hard drive partition.