Recover Deleted Files on Mac in Hassle Free Way

Mostly two types of operating system used in today’s scenarios such as Windows OS and Mac OS X. Mac OS X is mainly used in Macintosh computer, Mac Book, Mac pro and so on. This operating system is free from virus. So there is no chance of infection of virus. At present the latest Mac OS X which is used in system is Yosemite Mac OS X. Apart from this some other Mac OS X are Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. However, even some outstanding features of Mac OS X; sometimes you faced files deletion issue due to some known or unknown reason.

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At that instance, may be you get tensed and search around a recovery tool to recover deleted files on Mac. Now there is no need to be tensed due to this reason. Because one the reliable tools are available in market named as Mac Recover Deleted Files software. This tool has powerful scanning algorithm, due to this it recovers any type of files in such an easy way. Many of the industries expert also prefer for this tool just because of its good performance as compared to other third party deleted files recovery tool in market.

Reason behind the deletion of files on Mac:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion may be occurs due to mistake. Just like if you want to delete some files and accidentally you select and delete some important files then as a result you may suffer from data loss issue on Mac.
  • Trash folder deletion: In Mac, when you delete any file, then that file moves to Trash folder. If due to any known or unknown reasons, you delete file from Trash folder without checking that is any file is important or not, then there is a chance of deletion of some important files on Mac.
  • Boot sector corruption: So many bad sectors in the system may cause the reason behind the corruption of boot sector. Boot sector mainly keeps many important system related data and if due to any reason once it has been corrupted then there is a huge chance of deletion of some important files in your Mac system.
  • Some other factors: Apart from these, some other reasons behind the deletion of files are bad sectors, operating system crash, unreliable third part tools and so on. These also play a huge role behind the deletion of files on Mac.

You just do one thing, download and install Mac Recover Deleted Files application in your system and recover any type of deleted files with such an easy manner.

Some features of Mac Recover Deleted Files application:

  • This tool is compatible with several Mac OS X platforms such as Mavericks, Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Yosemite and so on.
  • You recover deleted files from the external storage devices like memory cards, iPods, USB drives, SD cards etc in few clicks.
  • A graphical user interface of this tool helps to any non-technical user to recover deleted files on Mac OS X easily.
  • By the help of this tool you can recover deleted files on Mac OS X from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions effortlessly.
  • After the completion of recovering task, you can preview recovered files.

How to Perform Fat Drive Data Recovery

FAT stands for File Allocation Table. It is the name of the computer file system architecture, which is used in previous versions of Windows operating system. A file system is the fundamental structure that is used by the system to organize data on the hard drive. If you installed a new hard disk, then you need to format it by using a file system before you begin to save the files on it. In Windows system, you can see three file systems namely FAT32, NTFS and FAT in which you can choose either of the file system while formatting your new hard drive.

The files stored on FAT partition of your system hard drive can be deleted or lost due to any reasons. For instance, if you intentionally or accidentally format FAT partition, then all the data stored on it gets deleted. So, in such condition, if you do not have the backup of your important files, then it is really very difficult situation. However, the lost or deleted data from storage drive will not permanently erased until and unless its gets overwritten by new one. Therefore, soon after encountering file loss or deletion scenarios, if you make use of a good fat recovery program, then you can easily get back your data from FAT partition. Windows File Recovery is one of the best data retrieval program that is capable to restore every bit of data from fat partition easily.

Let us talk some most common reasons behind fat data deleted or lost:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while removing annoying files you may wrongly select some important files and then perform delete operation. Also, you may unknowingly delete entire FAT partition by using Windows Disk Management utility which leads to large amount of data loss.

File System Corruption: File system holds all the info about partitions presents on the system drive. So, if it gets corrupted due to some unforeseen conditions, then partition becomes unreachable which in turn leads to loss of data from the computer.

Virus Attack: If data stored on FAT partition get affected by deadly viruses, then it may go missing from the system. Also, if you scan your system drive using antivirus tool, on that case files may get deleted from it. So, virus play a major role behind loss or deletion of data from FAT partition.

Other Causes: You may lose data from FAT partition due to other reasons such as interruption while transferring files, corrupt or damaged partition, bad sectors, errors while converting partition file system, frequent system shutdown and OS re-installation, emptying Recycle Bin, improper CUT and PASTE operation, partition loss/deletion, and many other.
Windows File Recovery becomes manifest pretty quick and efficient fat recovery software that restores crucial computer data completely from emptied bin or shift+ delete case of file deletion. It recovers deleted files from windows 7, vista, 2008, 2003 and XP. Using this recovery software you may also recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT partitions. This software can recover files from hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, USB drives, ZIP, MMC, and FireWire drives. Once the software recovers data, it permits you to see your entire data insurance agencies “file type” view or “data type” view. It also retrieves data as a result of lost partitions and hidden partitions. This tool recognizes and preserves file names after data is recovered. User is certain to get an alternative of preview of recovered files also it has a use of “save recovery session “option to avoid and resume by scheduling your process. To know more about fat recovery process follow this link:

Guidelines on How to Recover JPEG Images from Memory Card, HDD & USB Drive

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is an image file format used in digital cameras for save the pictures that should be small in size. Most of the images you download from internet are usually in .JPEG or .JPG file format. This image file is widely used when there is need of transferring or uploading digital photos. If you are in photography profession or habitual of surfing and downloading images, your storage devices such as memory card, HDD and USB drive, etc. might get a large collection of JPEG image files.

When you have such a great collection of JPEG images, protection of these JPEG files against various data loss scenarios may become a prime concern for you. Formatting hard drive is one such a common accident that may trouble you a lot. Like other users you may also format USB drive while re-installing OS, after format error. Once you format the USB drive, JPEG files and all files gets erased in just a moment and you find nothing on formatted drive. However, if you want to recover photos from external storage devices then you can make use of JPEG Recovery software.

Common scenarios behind the deletion or loss of JPEG images from memory card, HDD and USB drive:

  • Human Mistake: Accidental deletion of photos due to human mistakes is the most one of the common scenario for deletion or loss of photos from storage devices. Sometimes causes like deletion of pictures using “Shift+ Delete” combination keys, selecting the “Delete All” or “Format” options while managing the files on computer can cause deletion of photos forever from hard drive.
  • Third Party Software: While scanning the computer using any unsecure third party software like antivirus can cause the deletion of infected files from your storage drive. This type of deletion causes the files loss from memory card, USB and HDD drive.
  • Storage Device Corruption: Corruption of storage device due to hardware and software conflicts, bad sectors, malware infection, and etc. file format corruption can also cause the deletion of files from secondary storage devices .Some common example of storage devices are: hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, flash drives and floppy drives etc.
  • Improper Handling: Improper use of storage devices like sudden removal of storage device when you transferring the photo files from external storage device to computer and vice versa can cause for deletion/lost for media files like photos, audios, videos etc.

If you are facing with any of the above mentioned data deletion or loss scenarios from storage devices then you can use JPEG Recovery after Software to recover JPEG images from any storage device like hard drive, memory card, flash drive etc. This is the most sophisticated and reliable used to restore JPEG files from storage devices with a greater ease.

Features of JPEG Recovery Software:

  • JPEG Recovery Software can used to retrieve JPEG images on Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as Windows server 2003 and 2008 etc.
  • It is also possible to recover the photos of different images formats like JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc. from formatted/reformatted, corrupted and damaged storage devices.
  • By using this tool also possible to recover photos from mounted and unmounted volumes of Mac hard drives and also possible to recover deleted/lost photos from unformatted and corrupted Windows hard drives.
  • This tool is capable of recovering deleted or lost media photo files from external hard drives, USB flash cards, flash drives and memory cards, memory stick, etc.
  • This application has got Inbuilt powerful scan algorithm allows quickly scanning  drives and recovery of deleted, corrupted or lost photos from external and internal hard drives.

How to Restore Deleted Pictures on Win and Mac Computers?

Pictures are the best means of collecting memorable events that happened in everyone’s life. People use to capture pictures on several occasions like birthdays, marriages, parties, anniversaries, picnics, and so on, with the help of digital cameras. Those captured pictures are sometimes stored in internal storage devices like computer’s hard drive and external devices like memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, external USB drives etc. Pictures are of many formats like JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIFF, etc.

Hello guys! “I am using my laptop with Mac Operating System. Yesterday night when I was deleting some unnecessary folders and files from my laptop mistakenly I deleted one of my important folders which contained my all memorable pictures. Those pictures are very important for me because they were reminding my past enjoyable events. So, I don’t want to lose them. If you guys have an idea about how to recover deleted photos back, then please help me to get out of this worst situation. Thanks in advance”

Have you ever been faced this problem? If yes, no need to be upset because you can restore deleted pictures back with the help of File Restore software. This software is used to recover the deleted pictures from both Windows and Mac operating systems within few minutes.

Reasons behind the deletion of pictures from Windows and Mac OS:·

  • Accidental deletion is one of the human mistakes, while deleting the unwanted pictures the user may accidentally deletes the important pictures. Due to this they have to suffer loss of their precious pictures.
  • While scanning the computer through antivirus scanners, it will delete some of the infected pictures from the drive. Those deleted photos cannot be collected from the Recycle Bin.
  • While transferring the pictures from external storage device to system’s hard drive, if the user suddenly shutdown the system then all the pictures will be deleted.
  • The files on the Mac system become inaccessible if the catalog on the Mac system gets corrupted due to file system corruption. Due to this the user has to suffer picture lost problems.
  • Some of the other reasons which are responsible for the deletion of pictures are bad sectors, abrupt system closing, software conflicts, and hardware issues so on.

Features of File Restore software:·

  • File restore software supports restoring of deleted pictures from both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It easily restore deleted pictures from various storage drives like hard drives, external hard drives, iPod’s, Fire Wire drives, USB drives etc.
  • This software is used to restores deleted photos from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 Mac volumes.
  • File Restore software is one of the most demandable software in today’s market as it has  satisfied many users by solving their queries related to photo recovery on both platforms of Windows and   Mac based operating systems.
  • This software sorts the restored files on the basis of their various file attributes like file name, file size, extension, date of creation.


Simple Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Maybe you have accidentally lost the hard disk drive data. The majority of the users feel that the information usually deleted or lost entirely after the hard disk drive crash, just is not capable of restore the lost files. However, it is not fact. Your own personal lost or removed documents will be still present there on the disk drive if you don’t store any new data on a single memory. However, there is some sort of file recovery software, what are the best suggestions, change into complete supportive solution. This kind of third party File Recovery Download tool successfully retrieves your lost or erased data. To store the files, many individuals usually store these kinds of data on hard drive. Stored data safety factors are the difficult task according to several of its user. The data stored on the computer drives may be various types of files like documents or media files such as audio and video files etc.

It is possible to utilize the File Recovery software to obtain back the lost or deleted files on the hard drive. Many people become effective at accessing these types of documents by using file recovery with one of the OS. Although accessing the data or files on your individual hard disk documents sometime become impossible. It might be a serious trouble as a result of inaccessibility of the data; you are trying gain access to. To fix this problem and recover lost data plus the deleted data from your hard drive, the file recovery utility is usually a successful remedy, advised from the experts. A lot of the users mostly utilize hard drive for storing data to save lots of photos, essential details, movies that are not safe anymore.

Some Possible Reasons behind File Loss or Deletion on Hard Drive

  • Several widespread conditions involving data decline about the hard disk drive are often mentioned right here.
  • Out of formatting or simply reformatting hard disk indicates your data loss out of your hard disk drive. Though, formatting hard disk partition by chance, at some point causes deletion of the partition data that contains the stored data is not going to found on the hard disk.
  • Some other sort of reasons responsible in the computer file deletion will be the file system corruption or MBR problem.
  • Due to sudden electric power off as well as inadvertently turning off computer could be the reason for the document decline. Because of Trojan invasion or maybe the malware strike, stored documents get removed.

Unique Features of File Recovery Download Software:

  • This hard drive file recovery is the best recovery computer software to bring back deleted data from the system hard drive as well as various external storage flash drives and cards.
  • It takes an incredibly less time to scan thoroughly the entire hard drive data and obtain the lost one.
  • This is a great application to make use of with its easy to use attributes. It is actually cheaper in comparison with other restoration tools.
  • This software application contains the way to survey the retrieved data before preserve the files.

Efficient Tool to Restore Pictures from Memory Card

Every one of you like to store your precious memories so, you store it in your system or it in your memory card in the form of photos or in the form of videos. These photos, videos help you to remember your lovely days. But many of you face the problem that all stored photos, videos get lost from your system, or from your memory card just because of virus infection. Due to this virus infection you may lose all your lovely memories. Now you may have question that how to recover pictures? Is it possible to recover deleted or lost photos? Don’t worry it is possible to recover and restore your lost or deleted photos from your system. But to recover these photos you have to use Picture Recovery software. The software helps you to recover all lost photos within a short span of time.

Some Scenarios which leads to Picture Loss from Memory Card

Human Error: Many times people may delete their photos due to unknowingly using Shift + Delete combination of keys. Sometimes people may format their photos stored drive accidentally and they may lose all stored data from it.

Virus Affect: If your photo gets affected by virus and your system gets updated by antivirus then this antivirus deletes your virus affected photo to kill virus.

Flash Card in Multiple Devices: People may use their memory card in various devices. Therefore the chances of memory card corruption are high and you may not access your stored photos.

During Transfer of Photos: During the transferring photos many people transfer their photos from one place to other place. During this cut paste operation is going on and destination where you wanted to paste if there sufficient place is not available then photo would be lost.

Abruptly Removal of Memory card: Many times people used to remove their memory card without switching off their camera or without choosing ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ from system then in such cases you may lose their stored data from these memory card.

Abruptly shutdown of system: If your system get turn off abruptly due to power loss or other reason then there are chances of system data corruption then in such cases you may lose your stored data from system.

In order to recover and to restore your lost and corrupted memory card photos, you have to use the powerful Picture Recovery software which can overcome above mentioned photo loss scenarios effectively.

Various Advanced Features of Picture Recovery Software:

  • This smarter and faster Picture Recovery tool helps you to recover all deleted or lost photos, audio files, video files etc.
  • It has capability to recover almost 300 types of files like, it helps you to recover audio file formats-MP3, MP4, AMR etc, video file formats- AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG etc and photo file formats-JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF etc.
  • The software is very easy to use and very efficiently you can recover pictures from SD card, memory stick, MMC etc.
  • It supports all the well known Windows and Mac operating systems versions without any difficulty.
  • You can download free demo version of this software to recover your lost photos from your system.

Software to Recover Files from Inaccessible Hard Drive Partition

Hard drive is one of the main storage devices to store the system data as well as personal data on electronic devices like computer, and laptops. Hence managing it with utmost care is quite important. To facilitate storing of files this hard disk is divided into several parts commonly called as partitions, where hard drive partition is nothing but creating so many local storage units. So that one hard disk is treated as multiple disks. The main advantage of having multiple disks is that we can use different operating systems on the same hard disk for better file management. The information of the partitions is stored in the partition table.

People used to store their important files such as image, audio, video, text files, PDF, PPT, Document and office files etc. in any one of the hard drive partitions. But due to some unexpected conditions like virus attacks, disk utility failures, and error in OS re-installation etc. the hard drive partition becomes inaccessible and the files which are stored in that partition gets deleted. No need to be worry because you can recover inaccessible hard drive partition very easily with the help of Recover Partition software.

Some of the reasons that make hard drive partitions inaccessible:

  • Disk utility failure: While performing the operations like re-sizing, re-partitioning, formatting, re-formatting, file system conversion etc., if any interruption takes place or if disk utility gets failed, then it results in inaccessible of hard drive partitions.
  • Virus Attack– There are many ways for the viruses to get into the system like when downloading softwares from unknown sites, sharing information from infected storage device, through emails and many more. These viruses can repeat themselves to spread across hard drive and makes the hard drive inaccessible.
  • Hard Disk Partitioning Process Interruption: Partitioning errors are normally raised due to interruption in partitioning process. If the operation is interrupted in between the process due to unexpected conditions like sudden shutdown of the computer, frequent power surge problems. As a result, the file gets deleted making hard drive partition inaccessible.
  • Error in OS installation: Due to some issues with the existing operating system the user may decide to re-install OS. AT the time of re-installing the OS if any error occurs, then it leads to the deletion of partitions.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other reasons which are responsible for making the hard drive partitions inaccessible are partition table corruption, software conflicts, hardware exception, bad sectors and so on.

Features of Recover Partition software:

  • This software is used for the recovery of inaccessible HDD partitions on both Windows operating systems (like Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2003, 2008) and latest versions of Mac operating systems.
  • It is used for recovering deleted partition on external hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, memory cards (SD, XD, and MMC etc.) , external hard drives, iPods and so on.
  • Recover Partition software is used for recovery process on RAID0, RAID1 and a RAID5 partition which support FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems on Windows operating system and also recovers deleted HFS+ and HFSX volume on mac system.
  • It can easily restore data from the corrupted, inaccessible, formatted, damaged hard drives and retrieves more than 300 file types such as audio, video, archives, spread sheets, documents and so on.
  • All the recovered files are listed in file type view and data type view.
  • For further details about how to recover inaccessible hard drive partition you can visit this page.

Recovery Software to Recover Data from Flash Card

Flash card is a compact storage device, which is used to store and transfer data from one electronic device to other. It is also called as memory card. When we want to transfer data from camera or phone to computer, the first thing that comes into our mind is to use flash card. Flash cards are available with varying in their size, shape and storage capacities. But, besides these advantages, there is also a drawback i.e., the files stored in flash card might go missing or get erased due to numerous reasons.

However, these problems can be easily resolved with the help of a precious tool like Recover Flash Card software. It is the most used and preferred utility by industry experts to recover data from flash card. Using this app, you can easily recover flash card on different OS platforms like Windows and Mac.

Scenarios for data loss from flash card

  • File Loss While Transferring: Sometimes, using “CUT” and “PASTE” command for transferring files from flash card to your computer or vice versa causes data loss. As the significance, you may lose files due to sudden power failure some other reasons during file transfer process.
  • Accidental Deletion of Files: You might accidentally delete some of the files from your flash card using shift +delete key combination. So files deleted from flash card do not get stored in Recycle Bin which leads to permanent data deletion.
  • Other Causes: You may lose data from your flash card due to various other reasons like damaged flash card; file system corruption, accidental formatting, and abrupt removal of flash card and so on.

These are few of the common causes due to which data can be deleted or lost. Well, you will get permanent solution for these problems i.e., recover flash card software as by using this tool; you will easily get to know how to recover flash card data in an efficient way.

Significant Features of Recover Flash Card Software

The software can perform flash card data recovery on Mac and Windows OS based computers. Audio files of different formats like wav, mp3 and video files of formats mpeg, avi, and mp4 can be recovered using this software. The software recovers accidentally deleted TIF, JPEG, TIFF, JPG, GIF photos RAW image files and other audio and movie file recovery from flash card very easily. It can recover flash card data after format error, RAW error, transfer error, etc. Audio and video files deleted from digital camera and mobile phones can be recovered using the software. It can retrieve data from different types of memory card brands such as Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony, etc. Using this recovery product, you can restore files from different types of memory card like SDXC, XD, SDHC, CF, Mini SD, Micro SD, SD, etc. Apart from flash card data recovery, it can even get back data from hard drive, USB flash drive, iPods, Firewire drive, and so on. It provides preview option to view the recovered flash card data prior to restoration. You can get its licensed version to save the recovered data to your desired location.

Reliable Tool to Recover Erased Photos on Mac

Macintosh is a series of personal computers designed by Apple Inc. It is one of the most leading brands of computers and laptops. Beyond Windows, Mac is the second largest selling operating system across the globe. Macintosh has several other features which make it superior from other brands of personal computers. Sometimes due to human error photos get deleted from Macintosh.

Under such horrified condition, you can make use of Recover Macintosh tool to easily recover deleted photos on Macintosh. This software is trustworthy to perform Macintosh data recovery in few simple and effective steps. By using Recover Macintosh tool, you can recover deleted photos keeping the original file unchanged. You are able to recover files of almost all file formats of photos such as JPG, JPEG, PNG etc. This application is user friendly so that both technical and non technical user is able to deleted photo recovery on Macintosh in perfect way. Recover Macintosh tool is available online which is effective in recovering deleted photo recovery on Macintosh.

Scenarios due to which photos get deleted from Macintosh

Accidental Deletion: Data loss happens due to human blunders like accidentally removing some files by using Shift + Delete key combination. While deleting unwanted photos from storage device, users accidentally selects some important which are important. This results in permanent deletion of photos from storage device of Macintosh.

Unintentional Formatting: Formatoption is used to clean storage device. Sometimes when you are performing some task, you accidentally click on format option. This results in permanent deletion of video files from storage device of Macintosh.

Third Party application: When you are connected to infected system or downloading photos from unauthorized site, virus enters into the system. When you scan system the system, some of the files get automatically deleted from system. This results in deletion of photos from Macintosh computers.

Other Reasons: Several other reasons which are responsible for deletion of files from Macintosh are power fluctuation, bad sectors, file system error, etc. These are some of the scenarios due to which photos get deleted from Macintosh.

If you are facing above mentioned scenarios, then make use of Recover Macintosh for deleted photo recovery on Macintosh in few simple steps. This application is robust; hence it recovers deleted photos keeping the original file unchanged. This software recovers photos on Macintosh computer in few mouse clicks.

Features of Recover Macintosh Tool

  • Recover Macintosh tool can be installed on all the latest version of Mac (Lion, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.)
  • It is an efficient tool which recovers file after reinstallation of Mac operating system.
  • By using Recover Macintosh tool, you can recover deleted photos from Macintosh.
  • Different file formats of photos are recovered through Recover Macintosh tool.
  • Demo version is available which allows user to check the effectiveness of this application without purchasing.
  • It is very effective in recovering photos which is deleted from Macintosh without any issue.
  • It is one of the fastest applications which deleted photo recovery on Macintosh Mac within short time interval.

Data Recovery of Deleted Files from Computer Drive

Most of the time you delete your important files from system hard drive or from external storage media. After deleting such important file from storage media, you relies that some deleted files are important for you. In such conditions you want to get back your deleted files at any cost and also try way to recover them but did not get success. So here in this post I am going to provide an advanced way by which you can easily recover deleted files without any much difficulty. Recover Delete Files is one of such efficient and advanced program that is capable to recover files efficiently. This utility has many features that enable you to get back your files easily.

Before talking about the features and capability of this recovery program let us talk about some most common scenarios which can lead to file deletion from various storage drives:

Accidental Deletion: Mostly, you might lose your significant files from storage drive due to unintentional deletion. At times, while eliminating unused files from storage media, you can in select crucial files by which you can face file deletion problems.

Bad Sectors: Bad sector can also be a cause of file deletion or losses. Because of the increasing number of bad sectors on the storage drive, you can lose your vital files. Bad sector can be created on the hard drive by frequent sudden system shutdown or power surge, which can result in corruption of drive making the complete files inaccessible.

Third party program: If you utilize any unreliable third party tool, such as antivirus, while executing the scanning of storage drive, there can be a chance of important files deletion from it.

File system corruption: Whenever you convert the file system of a drive there may be a chance of data deletion of precious files from storage drive.

Files that can be deleted in any ways as mentation above, you can get back them by making the use of this Recover Delete Files application within simple mouse clicks. This ready to use tool is capable to recover files from a storage drive that can supports any file system such as FAT 16, NTFS, FAT 32, HFS and HFS+ on both Windows and Mac based operating system. With the help of this advanced software, you can recover deleted files from various data storage drive types such as FireWire drives, USB drives, iPods, and external hard drive of various manufacturing brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, and LG with ease.

Even more this program is also capable to restore deleted files from various memory card types including XD cards, MMC, Memory Stick, micro-SD, mini SD card, Secure Digital card, and SDHC card. With the help of this recover delete files utility, you can retain the files from Windows and Mac based operating system including Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Windows server 2003, 2008, and Win XP, etc. and Mac OS such as Leopard, Yosemite, Lion, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard.