Best Hard Disk Recovery Program

Hard drives are the non volatile storage medium that stores operating system files, user stored files, program files, etc. Hard drives can be divided into partitions so as to segregate the data on computer that helps you to store different data on different partitions. Along with the hard drive you can also use external storage devices like memory card, flash drive, memory stick, CD, DVD, SD card, MMC, etc to extend the storage capacity. You may come across the situation of data loss from these hard drives due to various reasons like virus invasion, improper system shut down, power surge, file system corruption, etc.

Loss of important data from the system hard drive due to formatting is really a major cause worldwide. Let us consider one of the scenario like you are working on Windows operating system. In order to improve the system performance you decided to format the hard drive partitions. You selected the partitions of the hard drive and completed the process but forgot to take the back up of the important files stored on the drive partitions. Thus it resulted in deletion of all your important data on the system hard drive partitions. If are the one who come across these type of situation then use the best recovery tool that retrieves all lost or deleted data from the hard drive.

Some of the other reasons for loss of data from hard drive

  • Using Shift and delete keys:  You may delete some of the important files from the hard drive thinking that those files are not needed for you using shift and delete keys. The files get deleted from the system bypassing the recycle bin. But after some days while performing some tasks you realize that you needed those files and regret for deleting those files.
  • External threats: When you use system on some unsecured network or upload malicious program then your hard drive will gets severely damaged resulting in inaccessibility of files from it.
  • Unintentional formatting of hard drive: While processing formatting process instead of selecting one partition suddenly by mistake you formatted another partition which results in loss of crucial data from the hard drive.
  • Booting error: You may attempt to make the system hard drive to bootable disk without copying its present supporting files to other storage location. At this situation there will be chance of losing data from the hard drive.

If you are the one who come across this type of situation of data loss then don’t worry because once you lose data from hard drive that data usually are not removed from the drive but they are not displayed for you. Use the best hard disk program to restore all your lost or deleted data on the hard disk easily.

Features of this recovery software

  • This software supports to retrieve data from hard drives of different brands like Maxtor, OCZ technology, Samsung, Seagate, Western digital, etc.
  • This utility recovers files from different file system such as NTFS, FAT, HFS+, HFS, etc both on Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Ability to recover data from variety of data storage devices like memory card, CD, DVD, flash drive, USB drives, external drives, etc.
  • You can recover any types of files from corrupted partition including music files, video clips (AMR, AVI, MIDI, AFS, WMV, MPG, etc), photo files (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, etc).

Hence this is the best lost data recovery utility that retrieves all the lost and deleted files from the system or from any other storage devices. You can download the free demo version of this utility and evaluate the recovery results.