Best Windows partition recovery software

Windows is often a popular OS that is designed by Microsoft Corporation and released in several versions. Windows operating system uses FAT and NTFS file system. Earlier versions of Windows OS released with FAT file system but Windows XP and later versions uses NTFS file system because NTFS is technically robust, uses advanced data structure elements which raise the performance, offers optimum disk space utilization and highly reliable when compared with FAT.

No matter how reliable and stable the file system is, there are many touch situations by which users lose their files from the hard drive. In case if you have lost some files from NTFS partition, you should not worry since you can perform data recovery or recover partition with ease. Recovering deleted or lost files from Windows hard drive, especially from NTFS partition is very simple than previously. Windows data recovery software allows you to get back your files within few simple clicks.

Generally virus infection is the common reason behind loss of files from Windows hard drive. Files saved in Windows computer easily get infect by virus, in case if the antivirus in outdated. Sometimes infection of virus deletes a file and in some cases infection of macro virus corrupts the file system. Just in case if the file system gets corrupt, then entire hard drive becomes inaccessible which leads to quite a bit of information loss. Aside from virus infection there are numerous other reasons for Windows data loss like accidental deletion, formatting, file system damage and many others.

Sometimes a complete partition disappears because of human errors while re-partitioning the hard drive using Disk Management tool. While deleting a partition from the Windows hard disk or external drive, there are chances that user unknowingly delete an incorrect drive which includes some important files. Regardless of how you’ve lost the file, it can be recovered by using Windows data recovery software. Using appropriate recovery software you can even perform hard disk drive recovery or recover partition from USB drive to get back your files from deleted or lost partitions.


Deleting a file won’t erase the stored information. Merely the reference pointer which directs the OS on the stored location of the file will be removed and particular storage sector marked as free for storing new files, nevertheless the actual data remains unharmed until some new files are overwritten onto it. With no reference pointer OS ceases to access such data even though it exists, but data recovery software retrieves by making use of different file attributes.

Windows partition recovery software facilitates you to restore files from different storage drives which are available to Windows based computers. This is one amongst the best tools, that’s reviewed and certified by industry experts. Having an advanced scanning algorithm, it performs an in depth scanning of the storage drive and retrieves the data. It recovers files from both NTFS and FAT formatted hard disks. Demo version of the software facilitates you to download and appraise the likelihood of recovery.