Recover Files after Computer Freezes

Are you in search of file recovery software to solve query like “how to recover files after computer freezes”? If so, here is feasible       solution Computer File Recovery software to recover entire files after computer freezes or crashes. Usually, computer freezes when you are not performing routine manintainence. Even though, after maintenance if system get freezes. Then you will be worried and thinking of recovering lost or deleted files from computer that frozen. However, when your computer shutdowns abruptly you might have come across some data loss or deletion scenarios like file system corruption, hard drive failure, improper file transfer and more. In order to overcome such kind of data loss, this software is designed with powerful scanning engine to restore files from frozen or crashed computer within matter of time.

Let us discuss few reasons behind Computer freeze:

  • Installing or reinstalling Operating system: While installing Windows 8 on active partition / drive, if sudden power surge occurs. Then it might affect OS installation procedure which may result in corrupting hard drive and also while reinstalling OS sudden system freeze can corrupt drive and some important files may get lost.
  • Usage of virus infected device drivers: After completion of OS installation, you must install device drivers. If this driver software is virus affected, then hard drive may get corrupt and computer may freeze up.
  • Fragmentation of hard drive: In order, to save disk space you may often fragment hard drive. If this fragmentation process fails due to any sort of circumstances, then hard drive failure can occur and leads to sudden computer freeze.
  • Incomplete file transfer: while transferring files from one drive to another by using Cut + Copy command, due to abrupt termination of system will result in incomplete copy process and certain files may get lost from particular drive location.

Apart from above reasons, there are several other reasons that can cause computer freeze such as incorrect way of uninstalling software in system, usage of unreliable third party tools like defragmentation tool etc. and invalid system updates and more. However, whatever the reasons could be, this intuitive software is useful in recovering lost or deleted files from computer hard drive in just few clicks. To know more information about file recover after computer freezes click on this link:

  • This Computer File Recovery software has powerful scanning engine which performs deep scanning of whole system hard drive data to recover lost or deleted files after sudden termination of PC.
  • It can restore entire data along with its different file formats like pictures (JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP etc.), video (MPEG, MPG, 3GP, MP4, 3G2 etc.), songs (MP3, MP3, AIF, AIFC, WAN etc.) and other important documents.
  • This application has ability to answer questions like “How to Recover Files after Computer Freezes?” in simple methods and techniques.
  • It can easily retain complete lost or deleted files from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 etc. and other storage devices like USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, Thumb drive, FireWire drive etc.
  • This Computer Recovery application can be employed on both Windows OS and Mac OS versions like (Windows 98, 2003, XP, 2007, 2008, Vista etc. and Mac Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard etc.)

Return Lost Documents in a Simple Way

Documents will be the important file formats that are used for documentation. It is possible to impart the data effectively with all the attractive attributes. You’ll be able to give proper alignment, insert clip art, tables, use different heading styles, etc. You’ll be able to give bullets for your points. It will save you the file automatically at specified time interval and thereby avoid data loss due to sudden system power down. You can save lots of files either personal or professional in Word format.

It sometimes happens you will lose the Word files from your storage drive. You may well be resizing the drives on the computer to get some free space on a drive to save lots of more data into it. There’s no free space on the hard disk with the computer. Hence you shrink the drive with free space and expand the other drive. When you make an effort to connect to the documents after resizing the drives, many of the important Word files are lost. What can be done then? Don’t panic. You can restore lost documents using recovery software. Document Recovery Software allows you to recover lost documents effectively.

A number of the common scenarios by which Word files are lost:

Document transfer interruption: The phrase file might be transferred to different devices. The transfer process can get interrupted because of loose link between the drives, sudden power outages, etc. You’ll lose the access to the Word files if that’s the case. However, you can recover those files using recovery software. Document Recovery Software enables you to recover those files efficiently.

Corrupted File System: The File System of the drive may get corrupted on account of virus infection, sudden power surge, etc. The File System has the information in the data around the drive and the operations being performed around the files and folders may also be mentioned in more detail about the File System. The Main system will make reference to the File System to produce the information in the data about the drive. When File Strategy is corrupted, it isn’t simple to connect to the files inside it. You will need recovery software to extract files for the reason that situation.

Unintentional formatting: The files for the drive are going to be lost when formatted. After formatting the drive, the File System journal is cleared. Every one of the file locations specified around the journal to the reference in the OS to produce the files is deleted. For the reason that situation, you can recover the files from formatted drive using recovery software.

Deleted while anti-virus scan: The files on the computer drives may be scanned to detect any virus infected files. While scanning, in the event the Word file is corrupted severely then your file could be deleted with the anti-virus program to stop one other files with the drive getting infected for this file. In that situation, you are able to recover the files using recovery software.

Important top features of Document Recovery Software:

The Document Recovery Software enables you to recover lost documents from drive easily. The program can recover both DOC and DOCX file types. It supports Office 2000, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010 Word files. The program supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You are able to recover files from different File Systems on the drives like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. The application can also recover other files also. Hence it is possible to rescue PowerPoint file using the software. The files like excel sheets, access files, pictures, videos, etc. can even be recovered while using software. If you’re a Mac user then there is a different build for your Mac machines. Using this build, you can get back missing DOCX file on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard right away. To learn more about the program, try the demo sort of the software program.

Simple procedure to recover lost Word files:

Install the program on the computer and run it. In the main screen of the software pick the option matching the file loss scenario and proceed. Select the drive in the software and scan it. You can specify the file type to be Word document or scan for all your lost files. After scanning, you can save the files that you would like from the listing of the files. It will save you the recovery session to resume the recovery session if you must save the files again about the drive of the computer.

Recover different files from storage devices.

Human make mistakes, as nobody is perfect in this world. Deletion of files is very common mistake made by human. Most of the time these deletions are from hard disk, external hard disk, USB, memory cards, Recycle Bin etc. Sometime the reasons for deletion of files are human errors and sometime due to unknown scenarios.

You need not to worry, as there are several ways to recover the files deleted from different mediums. Using the software is so easy, even you can recover lost documents using recovery software. Number of time comes when your files are lost or delete accidentally. But this recovery software is very easy to use and can recover the files from different sources.

Recover lost document tool is unmatched in its abilities as it can recover all sort of lost/deleted files. Using the software you can also recover lost excel documents from your hard disk or any other storage tools.  The link of tool that is mentioned will let you to download the software. The software s so powerfully built to do the recovery from different storage sources. The algorithms used in this software are so effective that can recover all sort of files lost from any sort of lost scenarios.

Storage devices likes hard disk, external hard disk, USB, memory cards etc are used to keep the data safe in them ,even sometimes iPods are used to keep photos in it. These all storage devices are best at their places to keep the data. The devices can keep data, but are not secured from data loss. Your files stored in these devices are in threat of loss. One or the other time the files are lost and sometimes even they become irrecoverable.

What makes the file to reach lost state? Few reasons, which are actually the user, conducts those results in loss of files. Let us see them in a glance and clear your doubt regarding loss of files.

  • Virus attack to the respective partitions or the hard disk can results in severe loss, this action can corrupt/delete files like causes header corruption in hard disk, USB MBR section corruption, deletion of files etc.
  • Abrupt shut down of a system can result in loss or deletion of files, inappropriate saving of files and much more.
  •  Using third party tools like pirated software can cause glitches and at the end loss of files.
  • Disconnecting the connected device from the system without using the proper sources to disconnect the attached devices can result in loss of file from the devices.
  • Using shift delete combination of button to delete the files cleans the data permanently.
  • Cleaning the Recycle Bin in order to make the space in the hard disk can result in loss of files.

What has to be avoided after the loss/deletion of files?

  • Reinstallation of OS in the system when the data is lost or deleted from the hard disk has to be avoided.
  • Saving of data in the hard disk partition or any other device from which the data is lost must be avoided.

These two precautions increase the chance of recovery.