Famed Utility to Recover Formatted USB Drive on Mac

You can create many folders and store plenty of files on USB drive. It is most widely used data storage device where you can store your essential files as backup. Since, this device is used to carry data wherever you go so, data stored in it is presumed to be safe. However, as a result of user mistakes they may accidentally or intentionally format the USB drive resulting in loss of essential files. Once, user formats the USB drive, they think that data has been lost permanently and it is not recoverable. This is not true since, you can recover lost data by using USB recovery Mac software.

You can see many situations force you to format the USB drive. Once, you format the drive without taking backup of needed files, you have to suffer from data loss scenarios. Let us discuss some factors force you to format the USB drive on Mac computer. The reasons are unintentional formatting, formatting due to file system corruption, sudden power surge, etc. First one is unintentional formatting: While copying files from USB drive to Mac computer, if you accidentally click on format option instead of copy option may result in loss of files due to accidental formatting.

Second one is formatting due to file system corruption: The file system of USB drive gets corrupt due to improper conversion of HFSX file system to HFS+. As a result of this process, you may lose access to your crucial files and you need to format the USB drive in order to use it in future.

Finally, sudden power surge: The interruption like sudden power breakdown in between the file transfer process from USB drive to Mac computer may lead to corruption of USB drive. Hence, you need to format it.

This eminent utility is capable to recover formatted USB drive on Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc. It is a simple to use, most effective to recover formatted USB drive without altering original files so, it is called read-only software. By making use of it, you can effortlessly retrieve data such as ppt files, project files, documents, etc. Even, it can restore USB drive files on Mac based laptops such as Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. Additionally, it can bring back lost files based on their file name, file size and file type as per their unique signatures.

It comes with demo version, use it to judge the formatted USB drive recovery result. It is developed with advanced scanning technologies to execute complete scanning of formatted USB drive to recognize and recover lost files. It comes with simple GUI so, anyone can use it without difficulty. Excluding recovery of USB drive, it can recover data from FireWire drives, Thumb drives, external drives, etc. While recovering formatted USB drive, it does not alter original files. For more details regarding the recovery of USB drive of well-known manufacturing brands such as Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, etc.