Easy steps to restore data from hard drive

Have you lost some of your significant files from computer’s hard drive by formatting it accidentally? And later when you realized your mistake it was too late, all your stored data was gone. Are you looking for some third party data recovery software in order to recover files from formatted hard drive? However, there is no need not to worry after losing your important data. It is possible to get back files which are lost from formatted hard drive by utilizing file recovery software. The advanced algorithm of this utility scans the entire hard drive to carry out hard drive data recovery and can recover more than 300 various file types. Just go through the below described piece of writing to know more about this file recovery software.

Hard disk is regarded as the most prominent part of the computer which will help the user to store a lot of information like precious pictures, video clips, documents, etc. Further this hard drive can be divided into multiple tracks and sectors which are known as partitions. Partitions can be created by using Windows disk management tool or Mac’s disk utility. By making use of these partitions you can differentiate your computer data as per your need. Files can be saved in these partitions according to its data storage capacity.

Sometimes the hard drive of your computer becomes inaccessible because of several reasons like file system corruption, OS crash, file system errors, virus infection and many more, which will lead to hard drive failure. Apart from losing data because of formatting the hard drive, you may lose your data due to many other reasons that are listed below:

Reasons behind loss of data from hard drive:

  • Virus or malware infection on the PC results in hard drive failure and it makes the hard drive inaccessible causing loss of data.
  • Unexpected termination of the computer can corrupt the file system and partition table which leads to inaccessibility of files resulting in data loss.
  • Corruption of boot sequence instructions makes the hard drive unbootable leading to loss of data.
  • Partition becomes inaccessible because of MBR corruption which makes the stored data unreadable that causes huge data loss.
  • Files are also lost as a result of accidental deletion of data by making use of “Shift+delete” keys.

Regardless of the reason behind data loss, it is simple to recover files by using file recovery software. The software has the ability to restore data if it is lost because of any of the above mentioned scenarios. File recovery software is the most recommended data recovery software which can recover files from failed hard drive easily in few simple clicks. The software has the potential to restore files from partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT. This proficient recovery software can also recover data from different types of devices such as memory card, USB drives, thumb drives, external HDD, etc, just in few simple steps.

Get the demo version of the file recovery utility and install it on your PC. Simply double click on the desktop icon to launch the software then select suitable recovery options which you come across while making use of this software. If you are done with the file restoration process you can judge the functionality of the software and in case it meets your desired requirement you can opt for its complete software available on the web.