Guide to Recover Deleted Files on Apple Computer

Deleting files from storage device is one of the common activity done on any storage device. Deleting of files can happen on any Apple computer intentionally or unintentionally. As you delete any file from stored location only file pointer is erased from respective file system of volume. So, if you are remorse after accidentally deleting some crucial files from your system hard drive, then all you need to do is implement Computer File Recovery software to recovering deleted files from Apple computer. This software performs rigorous scanning of volume and lists all the deleted files in Data View and File Type View. However, to perform deleted file recovery from Apple computer in best way you need to stop making use of the volume from where you deleted files.

When you delete file from Mac system using simple Delete option then files get moved to Trash folder. But, if you do the same thing with some combination key then it will surpass Trash folder. So, it is always recommended to cross check the selected files before you apply such combination keys on any file (which you wish to delete). There are different other scenarios under which accidental deletion of file can happen from Mac system, a few of the repeated one’s are detailed as follows:

Deleting From Trash: While checking the Trash if you mistakenly select the files and apply delete option on some file which you wished to restore.

Deletion of Files by Using Third Party Tool: Using third party tool which is not associated with either manufacturer or user may lead to deletion of files.

Deletion from Terminal Window: By using rm filename command in Terminal window also you can delete data from storage devices. By mistake select some important data while deleting the unwanted files will lead to delete important data.

Time Machine Error: Time Machine is the built-in backup feature of Mac OS X. It is used to backup entire contents of the storage device. If any sort of error occur in Time Machine happen then it may delete data from the backup system.

Other Reasons: Some of the other reasons for data loss from Apple computer hard drive are power loss, corruption of catalog files, partition error, etc.

Computer File Recovery is the most reliable software tool to recover erased files from Apple computer. By using this software we can restore all the deleted data from Mac volume that are functioning on different file systems such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, and FAT32. Computer File Recovery software has an advanced scanning algorithm which has the ability to recover all the deleted data. Using this software you can save the recovery session by selecting save recovery session option. So that you don’t need to rescan the drive again from where you delete data. This application helps to restore data even after bypassing Trash due to file size limit. Computer File Recovery software allows you to preview the restored data before storing in desired storage device location. It works well with most of the Mac operating system like OX X Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard etc. for recovering deleted files from Apple computer.

Precautions to Keep Data Safe:

  1. Check carefully before deleting files from your system.
  2. Always keep backup of crucial files on external storage device so that you can use it after facing any kind of data deletion scenario.
  3. The moment you discover any data deletion, stop using your Apple computer for saving any new file on respective volume.