Hard Drive Recovery Utility to Recover Lost Files

As you know that every hard drive contains file system which is used for to store data.  FAT32 and NTFS are the basic file system used in hard disk. As you know  that every one want that their system hard disk contain NTFS file system because it has many benefits than FAT file system like access speed, performance, security, reliability etc.  SO many people who don’t have NTFS file system in their system try to convert it into the FAT32 to NTFS. During this conversion if there are any interruptions causes like power off then it causes to data loss from the system. In such condition it’s very difficult to store all the lost data without using recovery software. So it is suggesting you that use good hard drive recovery software to recover lost data. There are some more reasons, due to which you may lose your system data some of those are like,

  • Formatting, re-formatting or partitioning of hard drive:  Many times you may accidentally format your hard drive or you may accidentally select the other drive which contains essential data and format that drive. Some times when you try to partitionining your hard drive if any interruption causes in partitioning it may lead to lose all your stored data from hard drive.
  • Windows registry file corruption:  These registry file is Windows central database which contains lot of information’s regarding to the system settings. If any changes in configuration settings of your system automatically written into the registry. Malwares are automatically installed and execute with system starts. If these malwares and viruses affect on registry files may causes to OS crash and that lead to data loss.
  • Abruptly removal of USB drives: Many people used to remove external hard drives abruptly without using step by step procedure to remove.
  • During File transfer: When you try to transfer your files from one file to another file if any interruption occur during this file transfer like power failure or where you want to transfer your data in that file if place is not available then in such case you may lose your data which you are transferring.

To avoid all these problems you can take some precautions some of those are like,

  • Keep backup of your stored data daily.
  • Don’t remove external drives abruptly.
  • Keep updated antivirus in your system.

These are very simple steps you can take care to avoid data loss and people who lost their system data they can use drive recovery software. This software helps you to recover drive data. The software helps to restore all lost, deleted data from hard drive. The software helps to recover data from memory card, Fire wire drives etc. The software supports more that 300 file types to support. You can recover all your lost or deleted Media files, Audio files, photos. You can download free version of this software and use it to preview your recoverable lost files.