How to recover deleted files on Mac?

The Macintosh operating system is among the innovative and popular systems full of new programs and features. But Mac computer as at risk of data loss situations as those of the Windows system. For this reason sometimes you lose access to a few of your most significant files as a result of certain data loss conditions while using Mac OS. Those Mac files could have deleted accidentally or are lost on account of some reasons. In both the cases you can recover deleted files on Mac by using any good Mac file recovery tool. And when you have lost those files on Mac PC you will need to recover lost files specifically. However, initially you have to be aware about your data loss situations in the Mac PC to avoid further data loss.

Common data loss scenarios can be occurred on Mac are as follows:

  • Corrupted catalog file: Catalog files in Mac include the files which can be utilized by the file manager to maintain ordering of files and folders. If the node from the catalog file or the catalog file itself gets corrupted as a result of any reason then the data kept in it will become inaccessible resulting in data loss.
  • Formatting of a Mac Volume: Formatting a Mac volume accidentally could be another reason for data loss on Mac. Aside from accidental formatting some unexpected situations like power failure or improper power down of the computer could be the some other reasons for loss of data.
  • Inaccessible Mac partition: The root cause for inaccessible Mac partition can be corruption or re-partitioning. Spyware attack can also corrupt a particular Mac partition. Some critical data can get deleted whilst the anti-virus program is running.
  • Corrupted Apple partition Map: Mac data may also be lost on account of apple partition map corruption. Another reason behind loss of data in Mac may be journal corruption.
  • Files are bypassed the Trash: File exceeding in size may get deleted from Trash in Mac causing loss of data.
  • Header corruption or Bad sectors in hard drive: Data can be lost on account of Mac volume header corruption. Mac hard disk drive having bad sectors could make your data stored in it inaccessible.

If a few of your important Mac files are lost on account of any of these situations, you’ll be able to retrieve them by making use of Mac File Recovery tool. Nevertheless, you must stop using the hard drive or external storage device from which you might have lost data. You need to follow above instruction in order to avoid permanent loss of data. As if you’ll use the same hard drive or any other storage device for additional data saving the lost data could easily get overwritten with the newly saved data resulting in permanent data loss. This software restores deleted or lost files from Mac volumes that will not mount and useful to recover deleted files from memory card on Mac. Data deleted from Trash can even be recovered employing this software. You have to just download this software and measure the odds of Mac data recovery.