How to Recover Deleted Photos from MMC card?

There are some memorable moments in our life which we can’t get back again. So you keep safe all these memorable and lovely past moments.  Generally people prefer to keep these moments through photos, videos and store them it in their computer or in storage devices like memory card or USB flash drives etc. suppose you stored your lovable moments in multimedia card (MMC) and accidentally you delete all your stored photos from your mmc card. Due to such thing you will feel very bad. In such situation don’t feel bad and try to find solution. The best solution is to recover your lost photos. To recover images deleted from MMC card is possible by using photo recovery software. The software helps to recover deleted photo from storage device.

There are many reasons for file lost, photo lost from your storage device. Some of common reasons are mentioned below,

  • Accidental use of Shift+Delete key combination or emptying the re-cycle bin folder, improper shutting down of the system, these are some reasons due to which you may lose your data.
  • Accidental use of format button on camera or capturing photos when camera is on low battery may cause the data loss from memory card which is used in camera.
  • Memory card get corrupt if it uses in multiple devices, or while transferring photos from one device to another device also lead to data loss from your memory cards.
  • The virus infection is the most common thing in data loss. If your photo is affected by virus and then your antivirus used in software delete the photo automatically to kill the virus. In such situation virus is killed but with that you may lose your stored photo.
  • Sometimes you perform cut and paste operation to transfer multiple photos at a time in such situation, the photos where you wanted to transfer in case if there space is not available to copy all the photos, then in such situation there are chances of loss of photos.


To avoid all such situations which causes to data loss, you can take some precautionary measures like,

  • Before capturing photos always check your camera battery strength.
  • Never pull out memory card abruptly from device.
  • Keep regular backup of data from storage devices.
  • Always keep updated antivirus in your system to avoid virus infection.
  • Before transferring data to any device check whether there is sufficient free space available or not to transfer data.

These are some precautions if you maintain these then there is no chance to lose data but still some people lose their data from storage devices then in such situation they can use photo recovery software. This software helps to recover not only photos but also Music files, video files etc. The software recover photos from IDE/ ATA/ SATA/ SCSI hard disk, SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, USB hard drives etc. You can download the demo version of this software to preview your deleted photos recovery results. The software restores deleted data very efficiently and effectively.