How to Regain Missing HFS partition Data on Mac OS X Lion??

In this technological era, people are highly concerned with efficiency and speed. In order to accomplish this, Apple Inc has designed and developed perfect operating system known as Mac OS X. Various versions of this Mac operating system are Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard including other higher versions. Mac OS X Lion is and latest version of Mac operating system, which is highly advanced with preemptive multitasking features. It makes use of HFS, HFSX and HFS+ file systems for data storage management.

Though HFS partition is reliable and stable but still is not free from data loss situation. What should be the next step after losing data??? Well, need not worry!!! With the help of partition recovery software, it is very easy to get back missing HFS partition on Mac OS X Lion just in fraction of seconds. This utility uses read only file recovery mechanism to recover lost files without affecting the original file.

Before knowing more about this partition recovery application, you must be familiar with the reasons behind loss of data from Mac OS X lion so that you can avoid data loss in future.

Usual causes of data loss are:

  • Catalog file holds all the important information regarding file hierarchy on Mac OS X computer. If this catalog files gets damaged or corrupted will make HFS partition data inaccessible causing data loss on NFS partitions.
  • Corruption of journal file because of abrupt system shutdown or hardware problem will mark wrong entries in the file systems and damage file system of Mac HFS partitions which in turn delete partitions on hard disk. In this situation, you can perform partition recovery by using partition recovery tool. This utility can retrieve partition on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and various other Mac models.
  • If some unknown errors are encountered during re-partitioning of Mac hard disk by making use of Disk Utility, then it might not allow you to access the files stored on HFS partition resulting in loss of files.

Some protective steps for future reference:

  1. Do not use Mac HFS partition after losing files as this will prevent overwriting of data.
  2. Shut down Mac machine using proper closure option.
  3. While deleting file make sure that the file is not important.
  4. Update the backup copy regularly so that at the time of file loss you can easily rescue missing files from HFS partition.

Even after going through all essential steps still in case you lose your valuable files then go for partition recovery software which can successfully perform HDD partition restoration just in few simple steps. This utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions like Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can run this application on other storage devices such as memory cards, thumb drives, external hard drives and other storage media.

Get the demo version of this toolkit and install it on hard disk of your system. By double clicking the desktop icon you can launch the application and initiate the partition recovery process. Then choose suitable restoration option that you simply face while using partition recovery software. On completion of process, you can view the rescued files and judge the functionality of the software. If you are satisfied with the results using demo version you can get its complete software from online.