How you can recover your precious photos back?

Everyone might have come across data loss situations in which they lose their precious photos and start blaming ourselves for being so careless. Losing precious photos is like losing sentimental values.  Generally people are having common mentality that lost/deleted files can never come back, which is not the truth. In reality still you have a chance of getting them back. You may have a doubt that how deleted files can be recovered. Let’s make it simple for you, When any photo file is deleted or lost from the storage drive, the pointer which contains the address of those files are removed and set as free to point new memory location. In other words, those lost or deleted photo files are still on your hard disk and to recovering them is not a big task. So if you find that your photo files are deleted, don’t panic. Because you can easily recover it back by using advance photo recovery tool.

Now the question arises how to recover photos from storage drives? How to perfrom recovery process? The most important step which you should take is not to store any new photos to the drive, because as you add any new files into the storage drive, the free space might get overwritten and you lose the chances to recover them back.

What are the situations which brings photo loss?

  • Accidental deletion of an valuable photos is the most common scenario of photo loss
  • File system corruption due to any unexpected system shutdown can corrupt file system of your storage drive.
  • Virus or Malware attack on storage drive corrupts the files present in it and makes them inaccessible.
  • Sudden removal of removable storage drive can cause severe data loss from your removable drive.

These critical scenarios can be avoided by using suitable precautionary measures. Maintain a backup of your valuable photos, so you can refer it at the time of data loss. Check for power supply regularly, better to use UPS and voltage regulator to avoid sudden system shut down and fluctuation in voltage. Use antivirus program in your system it help you in protecting your system from deadly viruses. Don’t connect your removable drive to already infected PC or laptop.

These precautions are very simple to follow, if you follow it regularly you can prevent your data from being lost up to certain extent. After this is still you are suffering from data loss issues then make use of Photo recovery tool. If you are using Nikon camera then also not to worry as with this tool it is very easy to perform Nikon digital camera photo recovery. This software is one of the best photo recovery software for both Windows and Mac users. Along with photo files this tool can also support recovery of documents, video, audio files. With this tool you can recover photo files from any type of external removable device such as external hard drive, pen drive, camera memory card, iPod and many more. If you lose your special photos and looking for a way to recover them back then you can download free trial version of photo recovery utility from here. If your satisfied with its outcome then you can download its full version.