Recover lost partitions from Windows OS

There bare some problems involved with installation and running of  Windows NT 3.51, and most of these problems relate to the Disk administrator present on Windows NT.

The problem is relatively easy to understand. It is just that when a user makes use of the Disk Administrator, a second time, he sometimes ends up losing most of the partitions and data.There are also occasions when the disk administrator fails to initialize, and hence hangs. This kind of error has been found to occur when there is an extended partition that exists.

The reason for this is because Windows NT Disk Administrator writes a fault tolerance signature to each physical drive’s master boot record, if one is not already present, when it is run for the first time.Logical drives can also get corrupted due to faulty calculations.

This kind of corruption occurs due to data being written onto wrong partitions.The partitions lost due to the disk administrator can be recovered using a good data recovery software, that can recover lost partitions from Windows.

REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition software lets you recover lost partition from Windows with utmost ease, by using the easy-to-use interface provided in the software, that demands absolutely zero technical knowledge from the user.