Recuperation of data by repairing of PPTX files..

Presenting one’s idea to someone could be difficult. Without presentations the things could be a little bit harder to understand and to explain as well. So to make your idea more expressive and innovative there is an application and that application is none other than Power point which comes with the office package from Microsoft.

Power point:

It is so power full that even it can include other files to show and give a demonstration to your idea in a better way. Power Point files come in different formats like PPTX,PPT etc.

What exactly Power Point is and how it could be understood?

Power Point is nothing but a tool which is used to present the idea on behalf of the user, which includes pictures, videos, audio and text which make your Power Point more expressive and hold the files in compressed format which include the feature of less occupying space file as RAR.

Well if it is a type of collection of different files than it might be having the threat of corruption?

 Yes, there is a threat of data loss which will be in the form of file corruption and that is the reason where you can lose all your presentation contents and can be screwed. As every of the storage device is  having a threat of data loss so as PPTX file have. But if corruption is more there than you can fix Power Point files.

Versions are there of Power Point files:

The latest version of the software is 2010 version which includes many more features but as usual couldn’t escape from the threat of loss and sometimes get corrupted. So to do Power Point 2010 file repair you need a tool.

Is there any particular reason for file corruption?

Yes, there exist some of the reasons which corrupt the data and the content in the file and most of them are just not the reason but are the conducts of human which results in data loss and corruption also. Upgrading the tool can be very easy from the internet but if the version is not genuine than can corrupt the files and at the end cause data loss, the old version of antivirus in the system can delete the files in the system which can be an important one, not upgrading the antivirus in the system etc etc

These data loss procedures and corruption one can avoid but need to follow few steps.

  • Recommended to have an updated antivirus in the system which restrict the virus to enter.
  •  Keep restoring point in the system so that data can be retrieved from the point it was lost.
  • Have a strong backup that will give the best way to get the data back.

Rather than this if your file is corrupted and no back ups is there or no restoring point is there then you can  download  the software to recuperate the corrupted data from the medium and in this also go for the trail version first.