Repair corrupted PowerPoint file

PowerPoint is the leading application for preparing any graphical presentations. It is one of the utmost prominent members of MS Office suite. The feature of PowerPoint is a graphical approach, which helps in making the interactive and eye-catchy presentations by using slide shows. MS PowerPoint is a unique tool used for preparing presentations in any style with the help of various inbuilt options for different purposes like making an organizational chart or for classroom teaching. It is user-friendly and compatible presentation application compared to other presentation making tools. Beginners can be the masters in handling as well as working creatively with this application.

From the business point of view, every presentation is very critical. Thus, it is needed to secure the presentation related to business activities for further use in future. MS PowerPoint 2003 and older version stores the PowerPoint presentation file in .ppt format, whereas PowerPoint 2007 and above stores the presentation files in the .pptx file type. PowerPoint files are very much prone to getting corrupted if it is not handled in a proper way. Once corruption takes place, you will not be able to access your relevant and important presentation files. In such circumstance, you need to use PPT file fixing program to repair corrupted PowerPoint file. Let’s move on to the scenarios which are responsible for PowerPoint file corruption. They are discussed below:

Due to conversion and power fluctuation in an improper way: During the conversion of presentation from older to a newer version, there are many probabilities of your data getting deleted. This improper conversion occurs because of a power surge at the time of conversion.

Virus attack due to the third-party tool: Virus is one of the most common reasons for the deletion of PowerPoint files. Due to a virus, your file, folder or the system may get corrupt. If you are installing the third party tool, then it will increase the risks of virus attack and will make the PPT files inaccessible.

Due to deletion and emptying of files from the recycle bin: Many people have the habit of clearing their recycle bin. But, sometimes it becomes a disaster and you may lose your data. So, it is suggested to recheck the recycle bin before you clear it.

Due to accidental deletion of files: Sometimes, you might lose your files by deleting it accidentally. This happens by using a combination of shift + delete key. The other reason for accidental deletion of files is whenever you perform the cut and paste process. Due to improper implementation of this process, you might lose your data from your PowerPoint presentations.

Repair PowerPoint software is one such utility to fix PowerPoint files. This software has a powerful engine to repair PPTX presentation file after header corruption. It has an intuitive interface that makes it user-friendly. You can download this software for repairing the bad PPT files.