Simple Way to Repair MS Outlook PST File


Microsoft Outlook is among the most popular and trusted method to contact colleagues and friends. Due to its simple to operate features, it’s trusted by a lot of individuals and corporate world. It’s observed that when a number of emails fill in an inbox of Outlook, users want to delete unwanted emails from it. When emails from inbox get deleted they get moved to the deleted items folder. Mails from deleted items folder may be restored by restoring option. But accidentally selecting and deleting some important mail from deleted item folder can delete mail from Outlook and in such case user may be wondering as to how you can recover deleted emails from outlook.

Outlook uses PST file to save its data, PST represents Personal Storage Table the centralized storage file that helps Outlook to save its attributes like emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc. PST file saved on the hard disk of a computer or in certain cases they may be stored on the server and can be accessed from there. Often there is the risk of PST file to get damaged and precious information, as a result, may be inaccessible. When PST file gets damaged or corrupt Outlook arises an error as? Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0X80040116? When a user attempts to access it. Once PST file gets corrupted, you are able to restore outlook PST and get Outlook in working condition. Repair Outlook PST is one of the advanced and effective tools which enable you to fix PST related issue like exceeding the file size, deletion of important emails, etc. To know more about fixing Outlook PST file which size exceeds 2 GB limit, then follow this link.

There are many reasons for PST file to get corrupted; some of the most common reasons are discussed below:

Corruption of PST as a result of exceeding in file size: – Regular usage of MS Outlook gradually increases the size of PST file. PST file has file size limit and when it grows or crosses to limit it may well get corrupted.

Corruption as a result of improper termination: – Improper termination or termination Outlook when it’s sending emails can lead to corruption of it.

Accessing PST file when accessed over the network: – While accessing Outlook within the network, sudden breakage or failure of network component when outlook performing any information related tasks may damage PST file.
When Outlook gets corrupted it is advised to use default inbox repair tool named Scanpst.exe, which can help users to restore corrupted Outlook PST file. Scanpst.exe is provided by Microsoft which can restore and fix minor corruptions in the PST file. But there are lots of limitations of Scanpst.exe some of them are – it wouldn’t recover deleted emails from Outlook PST and anything that this does not understand on PST file header it gets skipped or deleted.

On account of these limitations of Scanpst.exe, experts recommend selecting a third party tool which can restore corrupted PST file when it’s severely corrupted. There are lots of companies which offer repairing tools for corrupted PST file, but Repair Outlook PST most advanced and reliable tool which can restore Outlook under any corruptions. Repair Outlook PST utility has got the capability and power to recover emails in the event of PST header damage, retrieves emails from broken PST files, repairs password protected PST files, retrieve contacts from corrupt PST file, etc. The demo version of Repair Outlook PST software is distributed for free, you can download the demo version and check the performance of this advanced utility.