The best media recovery software for Windows 7

Memory cards are small portable devices which are used as data storage devices for gadgets like digital camera, mobile phones, game consoles, music players, etc. There is an increase in usage of memory card due to its important features like higher storage capacity, portability, re-record ability and etc. Digital cameras and mobile phones are the biggest consumer of memory cards. Memory cards are used in these devices because these devices have very less internal memory. Although the memory cards have several advantages over other type of storage devices, they are more susceptible to data loss during file transfer from memory card to computer or other storage devices. On occurrence data loss from memory card, users can easily recover lost data, using media recovery tool.

Files are not just lost during transfer; there are other ways which can lead to the loss of files from memory card. Accidental deletion is one of the most common reasons for loss of files from memory card and when precious files are deleted from memory card, user might be confused as how to recover deleted files from memory card.

Some other reasons of files being lost or deleted from memory card are discussed below

  • Files lost due to accidental formatting: – Precious files from the memory card can be deleted or lost when user might accidentally format it. The memory card can be formatted from digital camera or from the computer by using format option.
  • Files lost due to corruption: – Virus attack or unplugging of memory card from a computer or digital camera without using safely remove option can lead to corruption of memory card.
  • Clicking pictures during low battery: – Clicking pictures on digital camera during low battery can lead to loss of photos from memory card.

When files are deleted or lost from memory card they are not lost permanently, they are still on the memory card. Only the data which points to the file is deleted. Therefore they become invisible and users think the files are deleted permanently from memory card.

No matter what the reason for files getting deleted or lost from memory card, they can always be recovered using Media File Recovery. This media recovery software for Windows 7 is developed by a company which is an expert in developing data recovery software’s. Software is specially designed to recover media files such as pictures, videos, songs etc and has the ability to identify major media files types. It not only recovers deleted and lost media files from memory card, it can also be used to recover media files which were deleted from computer, external hard drive, USB drives etc. The recovered files are displayed on the basis of the file name, creation date, file type and size. The software gives an option to preview files before recovering, this option lets users know if he / she is recovering the right file or not. Users can download this software from the official website; demo version lets users to only preview the files. Download the demo version and evaluate the software capabilities, once satisfied with the results users can purchase the software.