Tool to Recover a Hard drive

I have lost some of my official datas which is of around 63 GB of size .I tried several recovery tools which is not fast enough to recover all the information .Give me a tool which must be fast enough in recovering all those information?

I am using an OCZ fire wire drive for my Mac operating system .Is it possible to restore a particular set of datas from the drive because I have formatted it due to virus infection .Recommend me a tool which also should be well enough to regain datas from other Mac storage devices also?

What is the easy way to restore dll files from an OS corrupted hard drive .Is there any possible way to recover data from a repartitioned hard drive. Suggest me a good hard drive recovery tool?

Improvisation in technology has been updated day to day .In that losing and deleting files has become a common situation. Presently there are several occasions where the files lost or erased .Which may be due to and parameters but the user must be highly cautious in deleting and losing records .Usually what happens when a file is deleted or redesign. The answer to the above query needs an in depth knowledge cram. Whenever a file being created or stored there appears two main things .File storage in the memory and a pointer to the memory location is created which indirectly gains access to the files .Whenever a file is deleted only the pointer pointing to the file location is deleted first then the storage memory space where the actual file located is over written during the next file saving procedure which is a highly complicated and expensive to recover files from rewritten memory.

Some scenarios:         

There are several scenarios where the file is deleted enduringly by the consumer. Most well known and special scenarios are listed below.

  • Ø Files deleted from recycle bin and using Shift + delete selection. They are merely the same only the user’s point of using them is different. In the above cases there are good chance of recovering datas until and unless the deleted memory location is rewritten
  • Ø Removing the data using command prompt is also the same as the above mentioned things
  • Ø Partitioning or re installing the drive will erase the data completely  the chance of recovering datas from these kind of scenarios is based on the type of recovery tool used
  • Ø Change in the disk file system is same as the disk formatting only variance is instead of using the same file system the operating system or the user may prefer some other

Using a good recovery software program will be an apt solution for the above mentioned problems .Finding such an efficient one is not at all a bother when it comes to recovering a lost data after the change in operating system or up gradation. It depends on the features of the recovery program to undelete windows .There are some standard software which the industrial or the corporate people accepts as an eminent one. One of the reasonably recommended tool and it is mainly recommended for.

  • Good in restoring data which are deleted while partitioning which is a headache task for the user
  • The scanning process in it is a efficient one which optimize searches for the deleted files in the hard drives
  • It allows to restore a selected files and the user can ignore the unwanted files particularly the viral infected files
  • It is good choice for those who want to recover files deleted due to corrupted disk partitions or reformatted hard drives
  • Able to restore file of maximum file format which includes complicated media files such as time based media files and user defined file formats

You can download the trial version from here but it’s highly recommended to use the windows pro version of it to enjoy fruitful output. Getting and installing is not hard task.

Just install the software in a separate volume of the hard drive and save the recovered files in a variant location. The complete guide is available with the software.