Want to recover documents from hard drive?

Microsoft Word file is program which is used for creating documents & it is a part of MS Office suite. It is popular word processing program which is used mostly in the market nowadays. It is used for both business & personal purpose. All word documents created by you are stored in hard drive of a computer as it is considered to be the safest place to store files in it. Truth is that your files are not safe as storage devices are prone to corruption. You may lose files from it at any point of time. Are you tensed? Don’t be so; you can take a backup of important documents in external storage device so that you can recover them back. But if you do not have backup what will you do? Are you crawling up your mind thinking how to perform document recovery from hard drive?

Don’t worry!!! You will get 100% recovery assurance after reading this article. If you have lost files from hard drive & do not have back then you should not be panicked. Stay calm!!! You can make use of hard drive recovery tool to recover documents from hard drive. You can know the procedure to perform recovery in the later part of this article but before that you need to know the possibilities that may cause loss of documents from hard drive.

  • Accidental deletion of files: You may delete a file from the hard disk by mistake which redirects to the recycle bin. After some days you may empty the recycle bin without checking its contents. Later you realize that you have erased an important file from the disk.
  • Defragmentation failure: Defragmentation usually occurs if the computer is shutdown abnormally due to power failure or system crash during defragmentation process. This may lead to loss of documents from hard drive.
  • Using Shift + Delete: You may delete some documents from your hard drive thinking that you do not need those files using Shift + Delete option. The file got erased from the system bypassing the recycle bin.  But after some days, while performing some tasks you realize that you need that file & regret for deleting that file.
  • External threats: When you are using your system under unsecured network or download some malicious programs then your hard drive will be severely affected leaving you to inaccessibility of files from it.
  • Formatting: Formatting is the process of erasing entire files from the hard drive. Sometimes you may receive error message which may be forced to format the drive. Formatting will free your hard disk from corruption but you will loss files from it.
  • Improper system shutdown: You may lose documents from the hard drive if your system terminates improperly due to power failure, software malfunction, system crash, etc.

Hard drive restoration tool is the best tool to get back all missing documents from the hard drive. It scans the entire drive & recovers all files on the basis of their signature. It can also restore files from hard drive of different types like SATA, SCSI, ATA, etc. It facilitates recovery of data from hard drive formatted with HFS, NTFS and FAT partitions. You can recover all types of files like images, songs, videos, excel, PPT files, etc.

Sometimes your hard drive may damage due to virus infection, hard drive failure, software malfunction, etc. When you face hard drive corruption you will be unable to access files from it. You can also recover files from damaged hard drive using this tool with utmost ease. You can also find missing files from external hard drive, USB drives, iPod devices, memory cards, etc, You can also restore external hard drives of different brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Lenevo, etc. It provides quick file recovery from the hard disk on both Windows & Mac Operating System. For recovering files from Mac computers you need to use Mac version of the software.

You can go for trial version of the tool first to check it, after completing the recovery process you can view the recovered files list. You can save the restored files only after buying the utility.

Precautions to be taken to avoid loss of documents from hard disk:

  1. After realizing that you have lost files from hard disk, immediately stop using the hard drive.
  2. When you encounter format error message don’t format the hard drive, better use hard drive recovery tool to get back lost files from it.
  3. Always maintain a backup of important files so that you can recover them back when you face data loss scenarios.
  4. You can use antivirus software to prevent hard drive from corruption & also data loss due to virus infection.