AVI Video Repair Software for Mac

AVI stands for audio video interleave. It is one of the widely used video file formats that is compatible to play on both Windows and Mac based system. Due to its high audio and video output AVI file occupies large space in any storage device. It can be played on different video players like DIVX, VLC, QuickTime, Windows Media Player etc. and is mostly preferable than other video formats as it offers better video and audio clarity quality and also holds other playback features.

AVI repair on MacLast Sunday, “I tried to convert my AVI file format to another file format on my Mac system, but due to some unexpected issue abrupt system shutdown occurs. I restarted the system and tried to open the file but it is displaying an error message stated: “file cannot be opened”. I tried a lot to access the file but still remain hopeless. Guys if you also faced the same situation then please suggest me any help as I want to get that AVI file at any cost.”

Are you the victim of such similar situation? It means your AVI got corrupted. Don’t get panic under such situations because you can easily perform AVI repair on Mac system with the help of most reliable and trustworthy software named Mac AVI Repair tool. This software has an simple GUI which helps the user to repair AVI Mac very easily.

Reasons due to which AVI file gets corrupted or damaged:

  • The header file of AVI file is used to store all the details of the video files like file creation date, file type, and file size, etc. If it gets corrupted due to some known or unknown errors then it leads to the corruption of VI file.
  • Converting AVI file format to other file format using unreliable third party application also lead to the corruption of AVI file.
  • Sometimes while transferring or downloading the AVI file from an external source or internet you might come across some unwanted interruption like power outage, network related problem, abrupt system shutdown, etc. Due to such reasons you have to suffer from AVI file corruption.
  • AVI file also gets corrupted due to codec issue, where the codec is nothing but a program that is used for performing encoding and decoding of digital information stream for data storage purpose. So any damage done to AVI codecs makes the AVI file inaccessible.
  • Some other factors like file transfer interruption, bad sectors, virus attacks, synchronization errors, hard drive crash, hardware issues, CRC errors, etc. also results in the corruption of AVI file.

Features of Mac AVI Repair Tool:

This software is used to repair damaged AVI files on various versions of Mac operating systems including Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and so on. It effectively repairs the corrupted AVI files from different storage devices like USB flash drives, pen drives, FireWire drives, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. This application is also used for repairing DivX, XVID videos formats very effectively. It is just a read only application i.e. it creates a copy of original AVI file and start repairing the file without modifying the source file.  With the help of its simple graphical user interface a person with less technical knowledge can fix their corrupted AVI file with few mouse clicks. At the time of fixing the damaged AVI file, this software separates the audio and video data from the container adjoins them after completion of repairing.