Bring Back Deleted Files from Windows 7

Worldwide users use Windows 7 Operating System because it is built-in with special features other than different versions of Windows Operating system. It is a continued version of Windows Vista and predecessor of Windows 8 Operating system. It is designed with features like improvements in supports virtual hard drive, display, Sound system, advanced search, desktop background, etc. By using Windows 7 machine, it is possible for any user to store and manage huge amount of data on it.

Windows 7 is recognized very best Operating system. While installing Operating system, there might be probability of accidentally deleting vital files from drive. In case, you do not have back up of vital data then it is difficult to restore them. In such situation, use this traditionally used tool known as files recovery software to bring back deleted files.

Scenarios resulting in file deletion are as follows:

  • Virus attack: Virus attack is most common scenario for file deletion. Everybody is familiar with this situation. If you are downloading a file from internet then there might be probability that downloaded file may contain virus. When you store that file on your system without scanning it by using antivirus tool then this virus may severely corrupt Windows 7 machine without noticing to user, antivirus software may delete files. However, it leads to deletion of files present on it.
  • Unintentional deletion using Delete button: Usage of Delete button is very common today. Nowadays everybody use this option to delete file and think that it will go to Recycle bin. Assume a condition, whenever you try to store some vital files on your computer during this time, there might be chances that you may accidentally click delete option and when you try to restore them from Recycle bin you may be in a rush you may select option empty Recycle bin instead of restore option leading to important file deletion.
  • Accidentally emptying Recycle bin: Consider, you have stored vital files on drive F and to keep important files on the same drive you are deleting some useless files completely by using Shift + Delete to make space for storing crucial file. While carrying out this process, there might be chance that you may empty the Recycle bin folder.

This utility will perform thorough scanning of drive to get back files from Windows 7 machine. This application is read-only software as it does not require much technical knowledge even novice user can also use this program. This utility allows you to preview obtained result before saving it to your computer. It can bring back files different hard drive types like IDE, SATA and SCSI of famous hard drive brands like Maxtor, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc and it recovers files. The tool finds the location of file based on creation, date extension, file name and will store the obtained file based on their name, size, date and file type. This program will capable to recover files deleted from Windows command prompt and bring back files deleted by using bypass Windows Recycle bin when they crosses their size limit.