How to Move Outlook Calendar to Another Computer/Laptop?

Microsoft Outlook application is widely used to send/receive emails and access other Outlook attributes like calendars, contacts, journals, calendar, appointments, etc. Many of the users across the world use Outlook software because of its powerful features & stylish user interface options. All the Outlook attributes are stored in Personal Storage Table (PST) file. Outlook software is designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation with various latest versions of Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010.outlook

Why does user want to move Outlook calendar?

  • If user’s getting started with MS Outlook in a new PC or laptop then many users may bother about how to move Outlook calendar to another computer.
  • Suppose, if you have already configured Outlook and now looking to switch it into new PC/laptop then it is not required to start configuring your Outlook all over, just you need to move Outlook calendars into new computer.
  • Many of us, fail to complete the migration process due to various known/unknown issues.

In such situations, users can make use of Migrate Outlook application to move or migrate Outlook calendar and other Outlook items.

How to migrate/move MS Outlook calendar to new system?

  • First, need to download and install Migrate Outlook utility on your new computer/PC.
  • After successful completion of launching this software click on “Migrate” option among “Backup” and “Restore” option from main screen as shown in the below image.
  • Next, select a backup file by clicking on “Browse” button, which was created by using MS Outlook application and then click on “Next” button.
  • Select the information to move Outlook calendar from Outlook older version to newer from the backup file. Then select the calendar to be migrated and click on “Next”, as shown in the below.
  • Finally, this migration utility starts to migrate Outlook calendar to new system.

Advantages of Migrate Outlook tool:  

  1. Migrate Outlook software allows to move Outlook calendar and other items that are created on different versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2000.
  2. With the assistance of this software you can easily create backup file of MS Outlook items in a very hassle free manner.
  3. This tool can also be used to migrate/move Outlook attributes including emails, personal folders, journals, contacts, signatures, account settings, PST file.
  4. The software consists of very user friendly interface options, in such a way that even non-professional computer users can easily migrate/move Outlook calendars.
  5. This award-winning application helps to migrate MS Outlook calendar and other attributes on different version of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 10.
  6. Migration Outlook software is highly recommended by industry experts and it is widely used by many customers across the world because of its robust performance.
  7. It allows the user to take a complete backup of all MS Outlook attributes and also lets the user to migrate Outlook information or data to new computer.



Possible ways to backup outlook

Outlook is Microsoft email program embedded with MS Office suite. Whatever might be the reason, data loss is common to most of the PC users. Some of the Outlook users do not consider importance of taking backup of Outlook data until Outlook data items are lost from their Outlook profiles. It is necessary that Outlook data items are to be taken backup along with all components like contacts, calendar, tasks, notes etc of your Outlook profile. If all the settings of Outlook profile like email signatures, junk email lists, journal entries etc including attributes of Outlook profile are not taken backup along with the PST file, then this backup file is not worthy. As some of the settings of Outlook profile are missing, this backup may not be helpful for migrating to upgraded version of Outlook. Sometimes, this situation may lead to abnormal or sluggish behavior of Outlook.

Microsoft does not provide any special built in utility to take backup of the Outlook data. Before taking backup, you have to know where Outlook stores data and its location. Normally, Outlook stores its data in a single PST file and it is almost located in program files of your system until you change the path of drive during installation of it. If you are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, then Outlook data is stored in Exchange Server mailbox taken care by the administrator of Exchange server. To backup outlook PST file instantly, you have to rely on best utility that takes backup of all the settings of the local PST file.

You may use Outlook in business environment where you store all the business or project related issues in it. You may lose Outlook data from your Outlook profile due to software malfunction, sharing files over the network, improper exit of Outlook etc. Therefore, backup is to be taken by Outlook users often. There are three main options to backup Outlook PST file. The first one is taking backup of Outlook PST file by exporting it. The second option is copying the PST file to another disk and the last option is using a backup program to save a copy of the PST file like using CD or DVD to save it. Remember that Outlook requires read and write access to open PST file on CD. Outlook PST file maintains a database that contains various tables of information. Each table may contain many fields that have the Outlook data. Along with PST file, registry keys that lies inside the database of Outlook PST file are also taken backup that contains Outlook settings.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is efficient backup tool that backup your entire Outlook profile along with message rules, email signatures, junk email lists etc of MS Outlook. This tool provides a complete list of all the Outlook items to select and save. This utility provides security to your backup archives by providing a password to them. This software allows compressing backup archives using various compression levels to save disk space. You can download demo version and preview backup process.