Repair corrupted PowerPoint file

PowerPoint is the leading application for preparing any graphical presentations. It is one of the utmost prominent members of MS Office suite. The feature of PowerPoint is a graphical approach, which helps in making the interactive and eye-catchy presentations by using slide shows. MS PowerPoint is a unique tool used for preparing presentations in any style with the help of various inbuilt options for different purposes like making an organizational chart or for classroom teaching. It is user-friendly and compatible presentation application compared to other presentation making tools. Beginners can be the masters in handling as well as working creatively with this application.

From the business point of view, every presentation is very critical. Thus, it is needed to secure the presentation related to business activities for further use in future. MS PowerPoint 2003 and older version stores the PowerPoint presentation file in .ppt format, whereas PowerPoint 2007 and above stores the presentation files in the .pptx file type. PowerPoint files are very much prone to getting corrupted if it is not handled in a proper way. Once corruption takes place, you will not be able to access your relevant and important presentation files. In such circumstance, you need to use PPT file fixing program to repair corrupted PowerPoint file. Let’s move on to the scenarios which are responsible for PowerPoint file corruption. They are discussed below:

Due to conversion and power fluctuation in an improper way: During the conversion of presentation from older to a newer version, there are many probabilities of your data getting deleted. This improper conversion occurs because of a power surge at the time of conversion.

Virus attack due to the third-party tool: Virus is one of the most common reasons for the deletion of PowerPoint files. Due to a virus, your file, folder or the system may get corrupt. If you are installing the third party tool, then it will increase the risks of virus attack and will make the PPT files inaccessible.

Due to deletion and emptying of files from the recycle bin: Many people have the habit of clearing their recycle bin. But, sometimes it becomes a disaster and you may lose your data. So, it is suggested to recheck the recycle bin before you clear it.

Due to accidental deletion of files: Sometimes, you might lose your files by deleting it accidentally. This happens by using a combination of shift + delete key. The other reason for accidental deletion of files is whenever you perform the cut and paste process. Due to improper implementation of this process, you might lose your data from your PowerPoint presentations.

Repair PowerPoint software is one such utility to fix PowerPoint files. This software has a powerful engine to repair PPTX presentation file after header corruption. It has an intuitive interface that makes it user-friendly. You can download this software for repairing the bad PPT files.

Software to Recover Corrupted Media Card

Nowadays, majority of people are using media cards for the purpose of reliable memory storage. It is small in size but able to store huge amount of data in it. In compare to other standard storage devices, it is faster and better in aspect of shock resistance. But, like other storage devices your files in media card is also not safe completely. Any individual can lose the files from media card easily because of many reasons.

Corruption of media card is one of the reasons to file loss from card. If you come across this type of situation then do not panic, because here is the perfect solution for this situation i.e. File Recovery software. By making use of this software you can recover files from corrupted media card for sure.

In our daily usage of media cards many times you might have come across the situation where your media card get corrupted and files get lost stored in it. Here we will see some scenario for corruption of media cards that leads to file loss-

  • Abrupt shut down of system- When you connected the media card to the PC intended to transfer the data from PC to media card or media card to PC, in between the process if the system gets abruptly shut down because of power failure then there will be possibilities for corruption of media card and you might lose the files.
  • Virus influence- If you connect the media card to the PC which is under influenced of virus then it might impact on your media card and card might get corrupted as a result the files present on media card might get lost.

There are many other scenarios where media card get corrupted such as third party software usage, illegal action with media like ejection media card in between the process and many other. Whatever might be the cause of corruption on media card and file loss from card, by making use of My File Recovery software you can recover files from corrupted media cards with few click of mouse without any doubt. For more information see the link:

This ultimate recovery software has many features because of what it has become the one of the most popular recovery software. Let`s have a precise look on few of its features here. My File Recovery software is able to recover files from media cards such as XD, SD, MMC memory card, also supports external drives like FireWire Drives, USB sticks etc. It is able to recover different file format stored in the media cards like audio files (MP3, MP4, WAV and so on), video files (MP4, AVI, MPEG, 3GP etc.), photos (JPEG, JPG, BMP and many more), text files PDF files and so on. It supports recovery of files from all popular brands of media cards such as SanDisk, HP, Transcend, Kingston, Cannon, Kodak, Fujifilm and many more. It supports the Windows operating system versions like Windows server 8 (Standard and Enterprise), Windows 7 (Starter, Home Basic, Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise, Home Premium), Windows Vista and other versions. Along with the Windows OS it supports Mac OS versions like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks.

Software to recover data files from PC

The hard drive is storage devices usually found within or outside the computer system to maintain data files. It is possible to find many real world situations that could result in the loss of data from your personal computer. Some well-known scenarios of the data loss from personal computer including accidental deletion, formatted drive partitions, bad sector, file system corruption, etc. Once, it is deleted from your PC, it leaves behind an issue i.e. how to recover files from personal computer? In case you lost your crucial computer data because of any aforementioned data loss scenarios then you can use How to recover software in order to recover your computer data from personal computer.

Let us talk of some of the scenarios, which could lead you to data loss from PC. Probably the most occurred situation of the data loss from PC is accidental deletion of the data. Whenever you found some unwanted stuff in your system, you have strong willed to delete it permanently out of your system, but it is feasible that while doing so you have accidentally deleted various other important files. In this condition, there is a question arises in your head i.e. how to recover data from PC? There’s no need to take worry further, such type questions just has one answer which is How to recover tool, with the aid of this tool it is possible to recover all deleted or lost files from PC in the same format as it was deleted.

One of the other frequently occurred scenario of data loss from PC. Suppose you are not capable to access data from personal computer. The data within the hard drive becomes inaccessible {to you due to virus attack, it could happened when you connected your PC to virus infected system. As everyone knows that the virus program, it is a malicious code that targets the data contained within the system and makes some unwanted changes to data files, finally results in the corruption or data loss from PC. To get over such circumstance, you can make utilization of “How to recover” software so that you can recover vital data from personal computer.

Some highlights of this tool are:

  • It is very effective and designed by the software expert
  • User-friendly approach to ensure no technical training or extra knowledge is necessary to operate the software
  • Skilled to revive data from operating system like Xp, Vista, Windows7 etc
  • Capable to extract deleted photos, videos, audios, documents and so on

It is highly restricted that if you want to recover crucial computer data back then discontinue using the drive immediate after the data loss, further usage of the drive may result in permanent data loss. Since when you use the drive following the data loss there exists probability of overwriting of the location from where the data is lost. If the location is overwritten, you cannot recover data by making use of any recovery tool.

If you are the person, those are not capable to recover lost or deleted data from personal computer can use this software in order to recover data from PC. This tool can be easily downloaded from the internet for assessment purpose.

Tool to Recover a Hard drive

I have lost some of my official datas which is of around 63 GB of size .I tried several recovery tools which is not fast enough to recover all the information .Give me a tool which must be fast enough in recovering all those information?

I am using an OCZ fire wire drive for my Mac operating system .Is it possible to restore a particular set of datas from the drive because I have formatted it due to virus infection .Recommend me a tool which also should be well enough to regain datas from other Mac storage devices also?

What is the easy way to restore dll files from an OS corrupted hard drive .Is there any possible way to recover data from a repartitioned hard drive. Suggest me a good hard drive recovery tool?

Improvisation in technology has been updated day to day .In that losing and deleting files has become a common situation. Presently there are several occasions where the files lost or erased .Which may be due to and parameters but the user must be highly cautious in deleting and losing records .Usually what happens when a file is deleted or redesign. The answer to the above query needs an in depth knowledge cram. Whenever a file being created or stored there appears two main things .File storage in the memory and a pointer to the memory location is created which indirectly gains access to the files .Whenever a file is deleted only the pointer pointing to the file location is deleted first then the storage memory space where the actual file located is over written during the next file saving procedure which is a highly complicated and expensive to recover files from rewritten memory.

Some scenarios:         

There are several scenarios where the file is deleted enduringly by the consumer. Most well known and special scenarios are listed below.

  • Ø Files deleted from recycle bin and using Shift + delete selection. They are merely the same only the user’s point of using them is different. In the above cases there are good chance of recovering datas until and unless the deleted memory location is rewritten
  • Ø Removing the data using command prompt is also the same as the above mentioned things
  • Ø Partitioning or re installing the drive will erase the data completely  the chance of recovering datas from these kind of scenarios is based on the type of recovery tool used
  • Ø Change in the disk file system is same as the disk formatting only variance is instead of using the same file system the operating system or the user may prefer some other

Using a good recovery software program will be an apt solution for the above mentioned problems .Finding such an efficient one is not at all a bother when it comes to recovering a lost data after the change in operating system or up gradation. It depends on the features of the recovery program to undelete windows .There are some standard software which the industrial or the corporate people accepts as an eminent one. One of the reasonably recommended tool and it is mainly recommended for.

  • Good in restoring data which are deleted while partitioning which is a headache task for the user
  • The scanning process in it is a efficient one which optimize searches for the deleted files in the hard drives
  • It allows to restore a selected files and the user can ignore the unwanted files particularly the viral infected files
  • It is good choice for those who want to recover files deleted due to corrupted disk partitions or reformatted hard drives
  • Able to restore file of maximum file format which includes complicated media files such as time based media files and user defined file formats

You can download the trial version from here but it’s highly recommended to use the windows pro version of it to enjoy fruitful output. Getting and installing is not hard task.

Just install the software in a separate volume of the hard drive and save the recovered files in a variant location. The complete guide is available with the software.

The best way to get back deleted files on Windows OS

In some circumstances the user mistakes or even the operating system crash can leads to loss of important data. You may lose a selected file or even an entire directory is deleted. It may happen accidentally or if the operating system is crashed. You may get lot of reasons behind the losing of significant documents, photos, video files, etc. Regardless of how you lose files from a computer where the Microsoft windows operating system is employed, it’s very easy to get back deleted files using file recovery software. It could recover files from Recycle Bin, formatted partition, hard drive, etc.

If the files are deleted on Windows XP, and they are not present in the Recycle Bin, user can believe that the files have ended forever. But, what the user believes to this is technically not true because still they intact on hard drive, exactly the space occupied by these files are marked as free space. So, these files may be restored until that space is overwritten by new data. But, you’ll be able to recover files simply the aid of a sophisticated technology. To restore files on Windows Vista, XP, or 7, you have to utilize suitable Windows file recovery software.

Usually the one more suggestion that has been provided by the info recovery experts is that you should use a recovery tool, which can support on OS that was using inside your computer because the improper tool may affect on your hard disk and results permanent loss of data. Getting a suitable recovery tool, merely the operating system knowledge is not enough; you should know other information regarding your computer like the file system that you are utilizing on your hard drive. You may recover deleted files successfully from a computer hard drive, only by knowing every one of this information.

A few reasons in which the regular computer user can lose data are explained below.

  • Virus attack: Downloading vacation software from online could have malicious content that may attack virus flow into the laptop or computer. Viruses nothing but an application program which is designed to destroy the info on the PC.
  • Improper shutdown of computer: suppose the system was powered down without closing the important applications, the file system of the hard drive gets corrupted. File system is used to organize files and to make files accessing easy. If it was corrupted, you’ll not obtain the way to access files held in hard drive.
  • Re-installation of operating system: while re-installing an operating system you will have to format one partition from your computer. But, when performing it you might be formatted its adjacent drive, you will lose valuable documents saved in this drive.

If you have deleted or lost files on account of any reason, still the files recovery can be done using Microsoft windows file recovery software.

Windows file recovery software can be used to recover memory stick files, SD card, CF card, hard drive, etc. Using this tool, one can easily recover files from corrupted hard drive. It could perform very well to recuperate files from both FAT and NTFS partitions. You can get it and recover files without worrying about the reasons of data loss.

Windows recovery tool was designed with strong recovery engines that may enables it to restore lost data on all versions of Windows versions such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. You may get surprise by seeing its capability that it can recover all files that are emptied from Recycle Bin. It supports files recovery not only for hard drive, this may also suits well to recover files from flash memory card, Pen drive, FireWire drives, hard drive, etc. One who had the doubt on this software could also clear it by using demo version of the software. You can get it through recovery company websites.

Hard drive recovery from Windows

Windows Vista replaced Windows 7 simply by its advanced capabilities and turn into well-liked. It is rather similar to windows 7 nevertheless a completely distinct operating system. It contains new appearance of graphical user interface (GUI), stability, program setup, and also user friendly. It’s significantly safe and more secure as compare to older versions of windows operating systems. You are able to choose the windows classic appearance as it is available as an option.

Windows Vista is actually a heavy operating system. The reason is its system requirements. It takes 500 Mhz processor chip along with 512 MB Ram memory. Additionally it is accessible in 2 Gigabytes Ram memory and also dual-core processors for video gaming and heavy tasks including video, audio, images and so forth. In addition, it provides very high quality resolutions.

The most typical benefits of Windows Vista can be its physical appearance graphical user interface like start off button as well as desktop in a new look. It really is highly secure and gives most up-to-date edition with internet explorer 7.The web accessibility is extremely risk-free. It also offers most recent model associated with Windows media player. Your video and audio top quality pertaining to Windows Media player 11 is extremely higher. Windows Vista also provides clocks of different nations.

Windows Vista employs lots of hard disk place since it’s an incredibly weighty operating system. It works effortlessly simply with 2GB Random access memory or higher. It’s very expensive furthermore.

Data will get quickly damaged due to Trojan infections, hard drive file corruption error, abrupt shut down of the computer and many others. Because Windows vista requires much more hard drive space for the operating system, sometimes information will get corrupted due to significantly less hard disk drive space. Sometimes through human being mistakes such as unintentionally pressing shift + delete key in addition leads to hard disk drive files corruption. Really, data files isn’t getting erased once and for all soon after removal. The information will get invisible from thecomputer, using a good hard disk drive recovery software, it is possible to recover hard drive data. Data recovery software can restore corrupted, dropped, removed data through the laptop or computer. What’s more, it facilitates just about all versions windows operating systems and can recover hard drive on windows 7 and various other versions of Windows operating system.

The way to download the free demo version associated with hard disk drive recovery software program

Step one is always to download along with set up the particular free demo version involving hard drive recovery software. After starting the software, select the drive or partition where an individual would like to restore damaged information. The program will start scanning the hard drive completely. It is possible to preview the retrieved documents after finishing the particular process of recovery.

recover the files which are lost due to system restore

Restore windows is a process of restoring your computer to a previous point in time. This always undo the system changes such as applications set up and modifications to system documents without removing personal files for example documents, e-mail, photos etc. So it is good idea to create a restore point prior to any changes to the system or even installing just about any software. System restore isn’t for backing up personal files, this doesn’t assist you to retrieve records which are deleted as well as ruined, and therefore you have to back up your files often using dependable back up application.

In order to recover and also restore files after restoring Windows you can download and employ Remo recover (Windows) Pro edition. This software gets back the information that is lost by accident in the course of restoring process and even when anyone re-installed your Windows OS.

A detachable drive means storage mass media that may be connected or even taken out easily from your system without switching it off. These tools are employed for numerous purposes like it will help to save information, it is useful for holding all your back-up files, it is possible to move data files, and many others. The most popular detachable drives are usually Optical drives such as (DVDs, CDs), floppy drives, magnetic tapes , USB flash drives , External hard disk devices as well as memory cards such as (Secure Digital , memory stick , XD card and so on ).

Memory cards are widely-used as storage device in compact media devices such as mobiles, iPods etc. These devices can be used to keep various document types like text files, images, audio files, program files, videos files and also other document types. Storage capacity varies from 1 device to another depends upon its utility.

There are possibilities that these detachable storage units experience physical or logical failures. Your data may get ruined or even lost permanently as a result of its serious consequences. A number of the cases which are responsible for damaging your located data are, suddenly taking away the detachable drive from the PC in between transferring process, power failure, switching off the system improperly, sudden power surge, and so on. In addition to these, there are several factors responsible for data lose situation like unintentionally deleting your documents, reformatting or repartitioning your detachable hard disks, computer virus, spyware or viruses attack.

To be able to recover your lost files from the storage devices, you have to take the aid of Remo Recover (Windows) Pro release that is capable of retrieving your lost or removed files from within a short length of time. This software efficiently works for file recovery from removable drive or even from internal drives. The well known features of this tool are generally – this retrieves data from formatted or reformatted hard disks, from missing/inaccessible or lost partitions, from erased partitions, data lost because of partition mistakes, this pinpoints as well as recovers different file types according to their particular signature, you are able to add/edit a file type if it is not shown, it supports recovery of data from SATA/ SCSI, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, Universal serial bus drives, iPod device memory, FireWire Drives etc.

To recover data files in the detachable media it is important that you should connect that device to the system containing Microsoft Windows operating system.

Lost file retrieval from NTFS drives

Loss of files from an NTFS drive can happen when you accidentally delete a file or partition, after you format or reformat your hard drive. System error, operating system crash or corruption and virus attack could also lead to loss of important files.

In all the cases, the lost / deleted files are still available in the drive and if you continue using the hard drive any further, there is high probability of the data being overwritten resulting in permanent loss of files.

You can confirm loss of files only when-

  • Stored files becomes inaccessible
  • Hard drive partitions becomes unreachable or inaccessible
  • Partitions are lost or missing
  • Accidentally deleting partitions

How can I retrieve lost files?

When you lose some important files from an NTFS drive, stop using the drive immediately. If you continue, using the disk drive there will be very high chances of your data being over written.

Avoid installing any retrieval software on the hard drive, as this may further corrupt your system leading to permanent loss of important files.

Search for a NTFS file recovery software to recover and restore missing / lost files or partitions. Make sure the software has the ability to recover missing / lost partition even after formatting, reformatting or repartitioning drives.

Obtain all the information about the software application in terms of technology used, system requirements, installation methods etc. Read the reviews and recommendations about the recovery product that is available in the market, which will allow you to get an idea about the ability of the software in retrieving files effectively.

Make sure that your system meets the specification criteria for installing and running the file recovery software including enough disk space, RAM, and the operating system etc. Try out the demo version of the NTFS file recovery software to assure that the software can effectively retrieve lost files and partitions.

Efficient Mac Data Recovery Software

Though Macintosh operating system is famous for their graphical user interface and efficiency, data loss can happen at any time due to many reasons. The common ways of losing data from Macintosh computers is through human errors. Even though you are systematic in taking proper backups, data loss can happen at anytime and you may not be able to access the data further.  Accidental deletion of files, Corrupted File System, Software malfunction or formatting the hard drive or partition can also lead to data loss. The efficient and powerful Mac data recovery software can be use to restore all lost data if the data lose is more diverse.

When you delete a file, the space occupied by the file will be marked as free space. The deleted photos can be recovered if the free space is not overwritten by new data. The photo recovery software can be used to recover lost photos due to corrupted file system and formatting or reformatting of the hard drive or partition.  The photo recovery software use advanced scanning algorithms to retrieve all your valuable pictures from it. The data recovery software mac is capable of recovering data when a volume has been formatted/reformatted also recovers data from HFS+ and HFSX file systems.

The single Mac data recovery software is powerful and efficient software that can recover photos from the worst data loss scenario. The efficient Mac recovery software makes sure the fast recovery by demanding smallest amount of effort from the user. The recovery of lost or deleted photos from Macintosh hard drive depends on the usage of the hard drive after deleting or losing data. So for best photo recovery results, remove the drive from which you have lost data immediately and attach it to another sound machine. Download and install the photo recovery software on to the healthy machine. Run the software to preview the files before recovery. The recovered data can be stored to a healthy system.

Selection of recovery software for Windows

Data loss is something that cannot be avoided completely, simply due to the fact, that when there is a large amount of data involved, there is bound to be loss of data. However, the important thing here is to understand the way in which you can tackle the data loss issue effectively, and making sure that you recover all the lost data.

Data Recovery software is definitely the thing that you need to get back what you lost, but choosing the data recovery software that best suits your needs is what is more important. In most cases, people end up buying recovery software that do not serve the purpose, leading to loss of valuable money.

Since most of the recovery software are priced between $40 and $100, it is important to choose wisely from the recovery software that are available. REMO Software has customized its products in such a way that the user can choose from the variety of recovery software available according to his needs.

Recovery of deleted and lost files can be done using REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software available for systems running on Windows operating system. This software specializes in g lost file recovery, and makes use of an advanced file search algorithm to find & recover lost files.

You can recover lost media files using REMO Recover (Windows) Media Edition software, which has been specially designed to recover lost/deleted photos, audio and video files. The software is also capable of recovering RAW image files with ease.

Finally, you can go for REMO Recover (Windows) Pro Edition if you want to perform FAT and NTFS partition recovery . In addition to the partition recovery feature, you also get all the features present in the Basic and the Media versions along with the Pro Edition of the software.