Download Software to Recover Deleted Documents- It’s latest Version

images-2Microsoft Word document gained worldwide popularity and been used by almost all corporation, institution, professional and nonprofessional users to form lump of information or records. Deletion of Word document will have a great impact on losing information or any important records.

“….. Unintentionally I deleted Word document which had some important office records. I’m not able to find the deleted document in Recycle Bin due to some bad factor. Is there any software to recover deleted documents?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Peter Clerk

If Word document get deleted due to any circumstances. Be calm!! Instead of reacting to such situation go with tertiary software recovery tool which easily recovers the deleted Word document in few simple mouse clicks.


Step by step instructions to recover deleted document:

Step 1: Run the application after successful download and installation of Deleted Document Recovery software on your Operating system.

Step 2: Select the Recover Files option from the main screen window and later choose Recover Deleted Files option on the next screen window to retrieve the deleted Word document.

Step 3: Select the particular drive from where you have deleted the Word document and click on Next option to proceed further.

Step 4: Scanning process to recover deleted document will be initiated. After successful completion of scan, one can preview the list of deleted Word document.

Step 5: If you are using demo version, purchase the software to save the recovered Word documents on the desired path.

The reasons behind the Word document deletion/loss:

  • Knowingly or unknowingly deleting the Word file is the major reason for the Word document loss.
  • Deleting the document using shift+delete key, deletes the Word document permanently without throwing it to Recycle Bin.
  • Unsuccessful cut and paste method may also be a reason for losing the Word document.
  • Accidentally formatting the hard drive/deletion of partition will have a straight impact on Word document along with the other files too.
  • Cause of Defrag error might also result in the Word file deletion.
  • Viruses are the major death threats that leads to the deletion of DOC/DOCX files.
  • Other factors such as improper turn off the system, logical glitches, OS crash and some bad sectors can also cause the deletion/loss of Word document.

Notable features of the Word document recover software:

  • This Software is compatible and user-friendly, it recover deleted document from various Windows version like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Vista, etc. and also from Mac operating system.
  • This application has been developed in such a way that it uses advanced repair techniques to repair damaged/corrupted Word file.
  • It successfully recover the Word document from any file systems such as FAT16, HFS+, NTFS, EXFAT, and HFSX.
  • This software do support PPT, PPTX, PST, PDF, ZIP, RAR document recovery without any level of difficulty in a couple of minutes.
  • This application supports to undelete word document from the external drives, flash drives, memory cards and Pen drives, etc.
  • Recover document tool is designed with a powerful scanning algorithm that scans the drive indeed to recover lost/deleted Word Document.

Whatever may be the scenario to Word document deletion/losing Word document? It can be easily retrieved by using Recover Deleted Document software.