Efficient Way To Restore Files from Memory Card

A memory card or flash card is an electronic Flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. These are commonly used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, MP3 players and video game consoles. Most of these can be re-recordable and can retain data without power. Due to extensive utilization of digital electronic devices usage of memory cards have been increased. There are many brands involved in designing and developing memory cards some of them are Transcend, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Panasonic, etc.

They support numerous multimedia devices for storing various file formats like audio, video, photos, etc. The capacity of the card varies from MB to GB and it depends on user choice. However, the files in the memory cards are lost or deleted due to some reasons. Apart from accidental deletion, there are plenty of reasons responsible for the data loss from the memory card. One of the common scenario is you have connected memory card via USB port and transferring process has begun. Suddenly, system shuts down in between the process due to power cut. You will eject it; this may cause loss of data from your memory card.  If, you face these kind of situation don’t get tensed. You are having a power packed recovery tool to get back all those lost data.  Recover Memory card is the best tool to carry out memory card data recovery in few simple steps. You can easily all media files from memory card such as audios, videos, pictures, etc. It supports recovery of data from various brands of memory card such as Kingston, HP, etc.

Scenarios that cause data loss in your memory cards:

Human errors:

  • Unintentional deletion of files from the memory card
  • Accidentally formatting your cards
  • Abruptly drawing the card during file transfer
  • Selecting “Delete All” option accidentally
  • Capturing the photo when the camera’s battery is low

Abrupt shut down:

  • Shutting down the PC during file transfer
  • Power failure while transferring data

Memory card corruption:

  • Ejecting memory card during file transfer
  • Forcefully adding data to memory card
  • Using the same memory card in various devices
  • Due to its file system corruption

Virus attack:

  • If card connected to virus infected PC or laptop
  • Copying virus affected file to a memory card from other sources.

Features of the recovery tool:

  • The software can efficiently retrieve files from formatted memory card.
  • It can easily recover accidentally deleted photos, videos, audio files on the memory card.
  • Simple and easy tool to use recovery wizard.
  • Rescue and recover files from drives having bad sectors.
  • It does not modify your existing lost data; rather it just reads it and recreates the same files on a path specified by you.
  • It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT Partitions.
  • It can get back the files from several types of memory cards like CF, SD, SDHC, SDXC, XD, MMC cards etc.
  • Recover files from all brands of memory card like SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba etc.
  • The recovered files can be saved on any external drive or CD/DVD.
  • You can preview the recoverable files before purchase of the software.
  • Enables you with “Save Recovery Session” option to save your scanned information, helping you in avoiding rescanning of your card again.
  • You can recover files from Windows(7, Vista, XP) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion)
  • The recovered files can be compressed in a ZIP archive.
  • It performs safe and secure file recovery process because it is free from virus attack.
  • It provides free trial version.
  • You can avail free technical supports for 24×7 via E-mail and live chat applications.

Tips to avoid data loss in your memory card:

  • Maintain backup of card data in other storage devices
  • Scan the memory card regularly using updated antivirus software
  • Do not connect memory card to any infected or unknown devices