Here is a Method to Erase Memory Card Data Permanently

Are you intending to sell your memory card to others? But your essential data still present on it. Have you erased all the data from it forever? If no, then no do not worry. You have to know about the fact that deletion of private files from memory card by using “Delete” key will not delete them enduringly. But still you think that once the files get erased using “Delete” button will delete files permanently. It is not correct because the data will not delete, it is located at the same place but it gets invisible to you. When you vend memory card to others or handover it to others, they can misuse your essential files from memory card. So, to prevent kind of problem, you should utilize delete forever tool to enduringly erase files from memory card. This excellent program is able to perform this kind of operation in very less span of time. This can help you to store your valuable time.

Imagine in a situation, where you are handing over your memory card covering essential pictures of your family, videos of marriage, etc. to your office employee. Before handing over it to him, you simply format it. You believe that formatting can be a secure approach to delete files forever. But, there is likelihood that the files can be restored by using some third party recovery software. Once, this type of incidence takes place then it will be a significant problem for you personally.

Apart from this issue, there is another issue takes place when you reformat the memory card prior to assigning it to other people. This method is not secure one because the files are not erased completely. Therefore, there is a huge likelihood that others can misuse it. When this type of incidence takes place then it puts you in a trouble.

In order to remove data forever from memory card, this utility uses nine different data shredding patterns approved by different defense agencies. These are popularly used to overwrite the data existing on memory card to provide security to actual users. The nine numerous data shredding patterns are: Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Zero Overwrite, NATO Standard, NAVSO-RLL, VSITR-Standard, Peter Gutmman Method, DOD Standard 5220.22-M, DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD, Peter Gutmann Method + DOD 5220.22-M. For further queries about the permanent deletion of memory card data, visit this link:

By applying this perfect and secure file erasing utility, you can easily delete data from memory card beyond recovery. This tool will delete files forever from memory cards of numerous kinds like XD cards, SD cards, SDXC cards, SDHC cards, Memory sticks, etc. and will support complete erasing of files from well-liked brands of memory cards including Lexar, SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, etc. easily. This supreme software ensures memory card data security when you wish to protect your sensitive data from fake users. Even a novice user will use this proficient program effortlessly. The trial version of this brilliant utility is freely available; you can use it to ensure the performance of this software. You need to use application to permanently delete memory card data on Windows XP windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 8.