How to Perform Fat Drive Data Recovery

FAT stands for File Allocation Table. It is the name of the computer file system architecture, which is used in previous versions of Windows operating system. A file system is the fundamental structure that is used by the system to organize data on the hard drive. If you installed a new hard disk, then you need to format it by using a file system before you begin to save the files on it. In Windows system, you can see three file systems namely FAT32, NTFS and FAT in which you can choose either of the file system while formatting your new hard drive.

The files stored on FAT partition of your system hard drive can be deleted or lost due to any reasons. For instance, if you intentionally or accidentally format FAT partition, then all the data stored on it gets deleted. So, in such condition, if you do not have the backup of your important files, then it is really very difficult situation. However, the lost or deleted data from storage drive will not permanently erased until and unless its gets overwritten by new one. Therefore, soon after encountering file loss or deletion scenarios, if you make use of a good fat recovery program, then you can easily get back your data from FAT partition. Windows File Recovery is one of the best data retrieval program that is capable to restore every bit of data from fat partition easily.

Let us talk some most common reasons behind fat data deleted or lost:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while removing annoying files you may wrongly select some important files and then perform delete operation. Also, you may unknowingly delete entire FAT partition by using Windows Disk Management utility which leads to large amount of data loss.

File System Corruption: File system holds all the info about partitions presents on the system drive. So, if it gets corrupted due to some unforeseen conditions, then partition becomes unreachable which in turn leads to loss of data from the computer.

Virus Attack: If data stored on FAT partition get affected by deadly viruses, then it may go missing from the system. Also, if you scan your system drive using antivirus tool, on that case files may get deleted from it. So, virus play a major role behind loss or deletion of data from FAT partition.

Other Causes: You may lose data from FAT partition due to other reasons such as interruption while transferring files, corrupt or damaged partition, bad sectors, errors while converting partition file system, frequent system shutdown and OS re-installation, emptying Recycle Bin, improper CUT and PASTE operation, partition loss/deletion, and many other.
Windows File Recovery becomes manifest pretty quick and efficient fat recovery software that restores crucial computer data completely from emptied bin or shift+ delete case of file deletion. It recovers deleted files from windows 7, vista, 2008, 2003 and XP. Using this recovery software you may also recover files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT partitions. This software can recover files from hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, USB drives, ZIP, MMC, and FireWire drives. Once the software recovers data, it permits you to see your entire data insurance agencies “file type” view or “data type” view. It also retrieves data as a result of lost partitions and hidden partitions. This tool recognizes and preserves file names after data is recovered. User is certain to get an alternative of preview of recovered files also it has a use of “save recovery session “option to avoid and resume by scheduling your process. To know more about fat recovery process follow this link: