How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Canon Power shot?

“Today I bought a new Canon Power shot camera and had been to trip with my friends to a nearby spot. As the day was cloudy the spot seemed very beautiful and filled with serenity, so I seized the moment and captured many wonderful photos from my new camera. While coming back to home one of my friends was using that camera to watch those photos and he mistakenly deleted all of them by pressing “Delete All” button. Now I am worried about recovering deleted photos from canon power shot as I don’t have any back up of it, please help me anyone!!”

Dear friend, you are not alone to loose photos as there are many people out there who accidently deleted their important photos and they constantly keep worrying about to how to recover deleted photos from canon power shot. First of all stop worrying as your precious photos have not gone anywhere even though you deleted it because whenever you delete a photo from your camera only the entry data of the photo is deleted and the memory space in which it resides is marked as reusable.

Now the question arises about how to recover deleted pictures from canon power shot even though the photos are deleted as these cameras don’t come with restore option or undo option. The only way they can be recovered is by using some professional and trusted recovery tool like photo recovery software which will perform a deep scan on the memory card so that you can recover the photos in the same way as it was captured.

Some scenarios for the data loss from Canon Powershot

  • Sometimes the photos may be lost due to abruptly switching off camera while the camera is processing the captured photos.
  • The photos may be lost due to Camera’s firmware corruption which will make the photos or images inaccessible.
  • If any interruption occurs during the transferring of pictures from the camera to the computer’s hard drive then essential pictures may get lost.
  • When you connect the camera’s memory card to a virus infected computer then that memory card will be also get infected by that virus which will corrupt it leading to inaccessibility of data that is stored in it. 

Extraordinary features of photo recovery software

  • This tool is fully automated and rigorously tested in labs so that the user can easily perform deleted photo recovery from Canon Powershot.
  • The tool is enabled with “preview” option so that the user can preview and organize the recovered files before restoring them.
  • The software can not only be used to recover deleted images from canon power shot, but also recover videos, audios, etc.
  • The tool is also available in free version that you can use it for trail where you can see the benefits of it and if you are satisfied with it then you can later purchase it.
  • The software can also recover deleted photos from canon power shot of many other formats like JPG, CR2, CRW, etc. It can also used to recover deleted pictures from Olympus Camera, Sony, Nikon, etc.


  • When you accidently loose the data from the camera don’t use it to capture images until and unless you perform Canon Powershot deleted photo recovery thoroughly as the images captured may overwrite those deleted images resulting in permanent loss of those images.
  • Don’t use free recovery tools as these contain some loopholes which will corrupt your existing data leading permanent loss of data which can never be recovered.