How to Recover iPod Files on Windows and Mac?

iPod is a well-known portable media player device developed by Apple Inc., which supports almost all type of audio/ video file format to play on it. iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are the current versions on this category. As it is especially designed to listen music, you can store large collection of audio/ video songs on it. Most of the people carry iPods along with them to enjoy their favorite tracks. However, these iPod files also get deleted or lost due to several known or unknown reasons.

Once because of my mistake, I have lost all my favorite iPod files due to accidental clicking on format option appeared on iPod screen. After that I was upset because these were the most favorite tracks for me. But fortunately, I was able to recover my iPod files using iPod Recovery software available on internet.

In just few clicking on mouse, I have recovered my iPod files without any error. So those who are querying like recover my iPod files or how to recover iPod files have good news. You can utilize this tool to perform iPod file recovery in an efficient way. Using this tool, you will be able to recover any type of file deleted from iPod, such as audio file, video file, photo file etc. You can even retrieve files from inaccessible or corrupt iPod memory without encountering any error with the help of this powerful utility. If you want more information to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then check this article.

Some scenarios when files may get deleted or lost from iPods:

  • Accidental deletion of favorite tracks while removing unwanted one, may lead to deletion of iPod files that can’t be retrieved manually.
  • When iPod is connected to computer, you may accidentally format it instead of formatting any other internal or external storage drive, such as local drive, pen drive, memory stick etc.
  • While transferring files from iPod to computer storage or vice versa, using cut paste command then unexpected interruption may lead to loss of files from source and destination as well.
  • Viruses are harmful programs. So if the viruses get into iPod, it may damage the files inside it. Along with it can also corrupt the iPod memory, due to which files may get deleted, lost or missing from iPod.
  • Sometimes, third party application can also lead to deletion of files from iPod device. Consider, you have antivirus program installed on computer with enabled auto delete option. In such case, if you are scanning the iPod in order to remove viruses then it may result in deletion of iPod files.

Key features of iPod Recovery utility:

iPod recovery is built with advanced scanning algorithm, so you will be able to recover iPod files within couple of minutes. This tool is compatible on various versions of Windows and Mac computer, so that users no need to worry about which computer to use for performing successful iPod file recovery operation. Utilizing this tool, you can recover deleted files from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch with utmost ease. It is capable enough to recover iPod files, even the iPod is formatted or re-formatted.

As it is virus free tool, it can efficiently recover virus infected iPod file without affecting the quality of original file. It creates a new healthy file after successful completion of iPod file recovery process. Along with recovering iPod file, it is also capable to restore missing files from SD card, SDHC card, xD card, memory stick and many more.