How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card?


Many of you use digital camera to capture pictures. Photos are the sweet memories which, one can store & access anytime you want. To capture and store photos you can use either SD card or SDHC card or SDXC cards in your camera. Consider a situation, when you pulled out your memory card from the camera without switching it off. Next time when you again insert it into your camera, then it is showing messages like, “Memory Card Locked”, “Card Error”, “Formatting required” etc. due to which you are unable to access stored pictures from it. Such kind of error messages means that you have lost your stored photos from the SD card. But to confirm whether you have really lost the data or not, you just have to follow these steps,

  • Switch off the camera and remove the memory card.
  • Connect this SD card to computer via an adapter.

If you are able to access your data then it’s good otherwise it is clear that your photos got deleted from the SD card. Now in such kind of situation to retrieve deleted photos from SD card you need to use a third party tool like SD card recovery software. This software helps you to recover lost or deleted photos from your SD card.

But before that, it is very important to know some more reasons behind the loss or deletion of data from SD card. Some of them are,

  • Capturing photos when the camera battery condition is very low.
  • Removal of SD card without switching off camera.
  • Due to an attack of hazardous threats like virus or malware on SD card.
  • Corruption of file system of SD card due to the virus.
  • Abrupt removal of SD card while transferring files.
  • Use of same SD card in various devices.

These are the reasons due to which you suffer data loss from SD cards. But you can overcome such kind of data loss by following steps,

  • Keep an updated antivirus on your computer to avoid virus infection.
  • Don’t capture photos when camera indicates low battery.
  • Never use the same SD card in multiple devices.
  • Before removing SD card from camera make sure that the camera is switched off.

These are the few steps which can help to prevent data loss from SD card. But still, if you have deleted photos from SD card, then keep in mind, deleted picture recovery from SD card can be done efficiently by using SD card recovery software. This software helps to recover multiple photo files like JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. Along with photos, this software is capable to restore lost and deleted audio files, video files from the SD card. The specialty of this software is that you can restore lost and deleted media files from SD card as well as from hard drives like SATA/ IDE etc., memory cards (like XD, MMC, memory stick), USB drives, iPod etc.  The software is available as a free demo version, click here to download it on your system and try to recover deleted pictures by using this software.