Recover Adata SDHC Card in Easy Way

SDHC card offers an extended memory space to many electronic gadgets such as camera, camcorder, mobile phones, etc. Each of the files on SDHC memory card is saved in a very reliable and arranged way. But, despite all of the security measures occasionally saved photos get deleted or missing. In case if you need to recover all of such erased or lost files out of your Adata Class 4 Micro SDHC Card, then simply take advantage of SD Card Recovery software. This utility scans entire SDHC card in couple of minutes of its installation and recover files from Adata class 4 Micro SDHC card in the precise file format. Let’s discuss a few of the file loss scenarios that may happen upon any SDHC card:

Unintentional Deletion: In order to create space for a few of the new files we need to delete some of the useless one’s. While doing such an easy task if any form of error happen then there is good chances that a few of the important file could get deleted.

Unintentional Format: Unlike deletion, formatting allows users to eliminate each of the files which are present on SDHC card all at one time. This command resets the file system of card. Therefore, in case we apply this particular command unknowingly, then each one of the files that are present on the card is immediately shed.

Improper Ejection: Sometimes due to many reason we remove SDHC card from respective gadget in a improper way. As this sort of event happen entire card could get corrupted, henceforth making all the files present upon SDHC card unreachable.

Deletion because of Third Party Software: Generally after utilizing SDHC card all of us attach it to system to make a backup. However, if antivirus finds that a few of the files are contaminated by virus then it might delete them instantly for better functioning of the system.

Other Factors: There are diverse other reasons that creates data loss from SDHC card for example file system corruption because of virus attack, format error, bad sectors, etc. All of these kind of gruesome situations can be easily resolved by means of this user friendly software.

Some of the things which users must remember before making utilization of this software are:

  • Never format or reformat card after facing data loss
  • Always have updated backup of the files that exist on SDHC card
  • Usage of the card should be stopped immediately

This software provides all the files in the precise format as it had been just before deletion or removal. Some of the most popular file formats that may be rescued by this particular software are JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP3, MP4, RAW, NEF, CRW, and so on. SD Card Recovery software may be implemented upon both Windows and Mac based system with same ease. A few of the supported OS are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, etc. You can also utilize this software to perform PNY Optima SD card Recovery with utmost ease.