Recovery of Windows partition data

Hard drive memory will be habitually divided into separate sections and these sections are called Windows partitions and Mac volumes. Partitioning is a process of splitting the hard drive memory into isolated separate sections such that any action in one partition will not affect the other partitions. Hard drive memory of all the systems has to be partitioned; else it affects the system performance. Partitioning thus increases the read and write accessibility of the system hard drive. And generally, the hard drives of each and every personal computer and laptops will be divided into numerous partitions.

Partitions will be provided with certain storage space to store all the data in it. If you want to change the memory space of these partitions then you have to perform re-partitioning while installing the operating system or go for third party partitioning tool. Also to perform system drive partition there are multiple partition tools available today. And while performing drive partition or re-partition most of the times one could lose data from the drive. This may be because of any unintended errors occurred during the process or any kind of interruptions while conducting the process. Assume that you accidentally formatted a partition on Windows 8 without having a backup of required data. Due to this, the partition data was completely erased from the drive. However, the data is still present on the drive, but it is inaccessible and you could restore that partition data with the help of recovery software.

How does data loss occur from the partition?

  • Reformatting the partition – Each partition can have different file systems on a single hard drive. Re-formatting is a method in which you change the file system. But due to the incorrect way of re-formatting, the data or files of the partition may lose their EFS (encryption details) and certain system permissions which includes read/write permissions to that file. Thus causing data inaccessibility.
  • Partitioning missing because of virus attack – If the master boot record which holds the partition table is broken or affected by malware then the partitions will become inaccessible thus leading to loss of precious data.
  • Formatting the wrong partition – Assume that you wanted to format the virus affected partition on the system drive. But you accidentally formatted some other partition instead of the one that was virus infected. So you lost all the important data that was stored in that formatted partition.
  • Formatting during reinstallation of OS – During re-installation of the operating system, one could perform partition and re-partitioning of the drive. But during repartitioning of the drive there are certain times that the process compels you to format the drive which leads to severe data loss.

If you are facing data loss from any Windows partitions due to any reason, you should prefer good partition recovery Windows utility that can help you to restore the lost data, This software can handle all the scenarios which cause loss of partition data and helps to retrieve all the files. This utility will be the best solution to restore partitions on Windows 8. The features of these utilities are mentioned below:

  • Extracts all lost data from deleted partitions and corrupt partitions
  • Retrieves files from various kinds of file formats like FAT, NTFS, etc on Windows OS
  • Easily retrieves files and folders of different file types like DOC, XLS, TXT, EXE, etc. that are lost from hard drive partitions
  • Recovers lost partition data and other data on various OS of computers and on different brands of laptops and systems
  • Easily retrieves lost data due to OS re-installation

The software recovers data from formatted partitions within few minutes. The recovery tool can also retrieve lost partitions data from SATA, IDE, SCSI and USB hard drives. You can use this utility on various Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Vista, XP and Windows 7. If you are searching for good partition recovery software then you can try out the mentioned utilities. You can know the recovery process of the program by downloading the demo version of the software.