Simple Way to Recover Files

Files are the digital information that are stored in various storage media to access or transfer from one memory location to another. You may store various data like videos, audios, documents, photos, etc. on the storage devices. Sometimes, files may get deleted or lost from any storage media due to some reasons.

In such situations, don’t get panicked you can recover those erased or lost files from any storage media with the help of File Restore software. This software uses its powerful scanning algorithm which can scan your entire memory location within short span of time.

Most common reasons for Deletion or Lost of Files:

Accidental Deletion: While selecting unwanted files you may select important files and delete them using shift+ delete option or using command prompt.

Usage of Third Party Tool:  When you are scanning your system with updated Antivirus and if any of the files are infected by virus then it will delete those files without your knowledge. As a result, you will encounter with data loss.

Interruption during File Transfer: If the data transfer between different storage devices are interrupted due to errors like power failure, etc then loss of files may happen.

Virus Attack: Virus is the vital issue behind deletion of files from any storage media. Sometime virus may attack on your storage device due to some reasons and makes your data inaccessible.

Other Reasons: There are several other reasons behind deletion or lost of files from any storage device such as file system corruption, hardware failure, improper system shutdown, bad sectors on the drive, etc may also lead to data loss.

Precautions to be taken to avoid deletion or lost of files:

  • Always maintain regular backup of your important data.
  • Use updated Antivirus to your system to avoid attack of virus/malware, etc.
  • Properly shutdown your system to avoid data loss.
  • After file deletion, don’t overwrite new data on them until recovery software is used to get back deleted data.

Features of File Restore software:

  • File Restore software can recover files from various data storage devices such as external USB drives, pen drives, memory card, memory sticks, hard drive, etc.
  • You can recover files from various hard drives such as SCSI, SATA, IDE and PATA.
  • It easily restores files that are accidentally deleted by using shift+ delete command.
  • This software is specially designed to recover all types of files such as audios, videos, documents, etc.
  • This tool is capable of sorting recovered files on the basis of file name, size, type, etc.
  • It easily restore file that are deleted or lost on latest versions of Windows and Mac.
  • The software comes with free demo version to evaluate the efficiency of the software.
  • The software also provides Save Recovery session which allows the users to avoid re-scanning of storage device.
  • You can also preview the retrieved files before their restoration.
  • This is the best tools to perform data recovery.