Software to Recover Files from Inaccessible Hard Drive Partition

Hard drive is one of the main storage devices to store the system data as well as personal data on electronic devices like computer, and laptops. Hence managing it with utmost care is quite important. To facilitate storing of files this hard disk is divided into several parts commonly called as partitions, where hard drive partition is nothing but creating so many local storage units. So that one hard disk is treated as multiple disks. The main advantage of having multiple disks is that we can use different operating systems on the same hard disk for better file management. The information of the partitions is stored in the partition table.

People used to store their important files such as image, audio, video, text files, PDF, PPT, Document and office files etc. in any one of the hard drive partitions. But due to some unexpected conditions like virus attacks, disk utility failures, and error in OS re-installation etc. the hard drive partition becomes inaccessible and the files which are stored in that partition gets deleted. No need to be worry because you can recover inaccessible hard drive partition very easily with the help of Recover Partition software.

Some of the reasons that make hard drive partitions inaccessible:

  • Disk utility failure: While performing the operations like re-sizing, re-partitioning, formatting, re-formatting, file system conversion etc., if any interruption takes place or if disk utility gets failed, then it results in inaccessible of hard drive partitions.
  • Virus Attack– There are many ways for the viruses to get into the system like when downloading softwares from unknown sites, sharing information from infected storage device, through emails and many more. These viruses can repeat themselves to spread across hard drive and makes the hard drive inaccessible.
  • Hard Disk Partitioning Process Interruption: Partitioning errors are normally raised due to interruption in partitioning process. If the operation is interrupted in between the process due to unexpected conditions like sudden shutdown of the computer, frequent power surge problems. As a result, the file gets deleted making hard drive partition inaccessible.
  • Error in OS installation: Due to some issues with the existing operating system the user may decide to re-install OS. AT the time of re-installing the OS if any error occurs, then it leads to the deletion of partitions.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other reasons which are responsible for making the hard drive partitions inaccessible are partition table corruption, software conflicts, hardware exception, bad sectors and so on.

Features of Recover Partition software:

  • This software is used for the recovery of inaccessible HDD partitions on both Windows operating systems (like Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2003, 2008) and latest versions of Mac operating systems.
  • It is used for recovering deleted partition on external hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, memory cards (SD, XD, and MMC etc.) , external hard drives, iPods and so on.
  • Recover Partition software is used for recovery process on RAID0, RAID1 and a RAID5 partition which support FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems on Windows operating system and also recovers deleted HFS+ and HFSX volume on mac system.
  • It can easily restore data from the corrupted, inaccessible, formatted, damaged hard drives and retrieves more than 300 file types such as audio, video, archives, spread sheets, documents and so on.
  • All the recovered files are listed in file type view and data type view.
  • For further details about how to recover inaccessible hard drive partition you can visit this page.