Steps to recover photos from xd card

Different types of memory cards like SD card, XD card, CF cards etc are mostly used in digital cameras, camcorders, mobiles, video game players etc where they vary in size and shape. Normally, all memory cards use solid-state memory in which there are no moving parts. XD (Extreme Digital) cards are the smallest among all the memory cards whose physical size is 20mm long, 25mm wide and 0.76 mm thick. These cards are primarily used in digital cameras manufactured by Olympus and Fujifilm. These cards provide panoramic function that is not available in other memory cards. This card offer fast data transfer rates. SD and XD cards cannot be interchangeable, so select what type of memory card you want before to use in various devices. Small digital cameras mostly use SD and XD cards. These are basically smaller than CF cards also. Memory card speed affects how fast the images are recorded on the card but does not affect elements within the camera itself regarding speed. The speed at which the camera can process and move data through its system effects how quickly it can put an image file into the memory card. If the camera is slower than the card, amount of increased speed on the card’s part is influenced how fast the card can actually work.

The disadvantage with XD card is it may be corrupted easily due to file system or memory card corruption. Photos are also lost from XD card when accidentally deleted photos from XD card while previewing them, accidental format of memory card etc. In order to recover photos from xd card instantly, you have to use best tool that can recover photos from XD card even in drastic situations also.

XD card use multi level architecture (MLC) that has four charge states. These states include fully off, slightly on, mostly on and fully on. This helps storing two bits of information. Normally, the memory cells store one bit of data. CF and SD cards use multi level cells but have single level approach where as Transcend offers both single level and multi level design. Normally, SD and CF cards maintain  inbuilt controller to provide an additional level of interfacing with the device and client. This type of controller is not available in XD cards but same functionality is provided within camera itself. The camera cannot handle the physical data structure when new version of card is inserted in the camera. In such case, firmware update may address the problem.

Remo Recover (Windows)-Media edition helps to recover deleted or lost files from hard drives, flash memory cards , FireWire drives, USB external drives etc. This tool is designed with built in special algorithm that can identify and recover photos, audio, video file formats and even digital RAW photo files. This utility recovers those media files, which bypass recycle bin when they exceed as compared to the size of the recycle bin. When you download demo version of the software, you can preview recovered photos before saving them to PC.