Lost file retrieval from NTFS drives

Loss of files from an NTFS drive can happen when you accidentally delete a file or partition, after you format or reformat your hard drive. System error, operating system crash or corruption and virus attack could also lead to loss of important files.

In all the cases, the lost / deleted files are still available in the drive and if you continue using the hard drive any further, there is high probability of the data being overwritten resulting in permanent loss of files.

You can confirm loss of files only when-

  • Stored files becomes inaccessible
  • Hard drive partitions becomes unreachable or inaccessible
  • Partitions are lost or missing
  • Accidentally deleting partitions

How can I retrieve lost files?

When you lose some important files from an NTFS drive, stop using the drive immediately. If you continue, using the disk drive there will be very high chances of your data being over written.

Avoid installing any retrieval software on the hard drive, as this may further corrupt your system leading to permanent loss of important files.

Search for a NTFS file recovery software to recover and restore missing / lost files or partitions. Make sure the software has the ability to recover missing / lost partition even after formatting, reformatting or repartitioning drives.

Obtain all the information about the software application in terms of technology used, system requirements, installation methods etc. Read the reviews and recommendations about the recovery product that is available in the market, which will allow you to get an idea about the ability of the software in retrieving files effectively.

Make sure that your system meets the specification criteria for installing and running the file recovery software including enough disk space, RAM, and the operating system etc. Try out the demo version of the NTFS file recovery software to assure that the software can effectively retrieve lost files and partitions.