Useful Things that Siri can Do for You

Siri is the digital personal assistant feature which is available on Apple iOS devices such iPad and iPhone which is very useful to the iOS user to do more tasks like take notes, create reminders, set alarms, changes to system settings. These tasks can be done by activating Siri with the help of holding down the iOS device home button until it beeps and the interface of Siri will appear but in the latest version iOS 9 we can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” easily. In this article, you can understand various useful things you can do with Siri and you might be excited at how clever and useful it is.

Useful things that siri can do for you

Searching for Things:- User can use Siri for searching specific data from websites because Siri effectively uses the variety of web services for getting information and listing relevant results within short time duration.

Create Reminders: It is difficult to remember all the future events by heart. But Siri really do this work by setting reminders. In order to setting reminders you have to say “remind me to” after that Siri will add your future event instantly. When you reach that specified time you will reminded by Siri.

Set Alarms: You can set alarm by saying particular time as “Hey Siri, wake up me at 5 am” When device timer reach that time you will alert by making some alarm sound.

Call People: It is one of the main features of Siri because you can call people without searching contacts or call history. You need to tell who to call with Siri and it will automatically call the specific person.

Find out What Time It Is: By make use of Siri, you can get exact time of any country by asking “Siri what time it is in USA” and it will shows the exact time.

Launch Application: You can launch specific application which is installed in iPhone by telling to Siri as “launch YouTube” Siri will launch YouTube without manually touching the YouTube shortcut.

Find and Read Emails: Siri is useful for finding specific email by saying email subject or sender name or date. Therefore you no need to hunt specific email because it may take long time.

Perform Calculation: Instead of using calculator, you can just ask Siri for performing complicated calculations because it will give accurate answer in short time without entering numbers and symbols.

Change Settings: You can change the device setting by saying what you want to do for example you can turn off Wi-Fi by simply saying ‘Hey Siri turn off Wi-Fi” likewise you can change all the settings.

Mapping: Using Siri, you can find specific place and also you can get distance from place 1 to place 2. Using this feature you can also find out specific land marks like Airport, railway station, bus station etc.

Send and Read Text Messages: You can send text messages to anybody who are listed in your contacts by saying their name as “send text message to “name” and Siri will ask what you have to send as text, at that time you have to say the message. Even you can read received text message by saying “read the last text message from name”.